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Working on some stuff... boring update

I figured out how to make nicer looking straps in Photoshop so I’m working on another swimming costume. Well, the straps look good in CTU, I haven’t tested them on an actual sim yet. I will upload this one when it is done. I totally forgot to save the old one in psd format so all I had to work with was the degraded texture. I figured it’d be best to start over. Heh.

So at the moment I have a swimming costume that has higher cut legs so it shows a little more butt and isn’t so wide at the crotch. It’s sheer and has ties at the front over the boobs. I might make a few different ones, maybe one with some sheer material type pattern in the front.

I might make a strapless one next. With the meshes, does anyone know, if I use the strapless one-piece and just erase the costume in the middle to make it a two-piece is that ok? Like, will the mesh do weird stuff in-game? I ask because I have no idea how to mesh yet and am a bit of an amateur when it comes to this stuff. I don’t want to find out later that I’ve been doing something totally stupid all along :D

In other news I really, really need to organise my frigging custom content folders. I just wanna remove all $$ content and stick to free stuff to save me screwing around if I decide to upload items to MTS. Such a pain in the arse though hey. I have so much content and the file names are really vague. I wish I had time to just delete it all and only reinstall free stuff.

Boo. Oh well. I’ll clean it up eventually. I think the worst thing about this scenario is that all the free retextures and conversion of hair I have don’t include a CAS thumbnail so I have NO bloody idea what hair belongs to what creator. It gives my brain conniptions.

Ok that’s enough whinging for now. Hopefully I will get this costume done tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I love reading them, you rock.


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