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Oh noes, skanky bras

Logged into my cpanel a moment ago:

all your bandwidth are belong to us

Oh noes indeed.
I’m talking to my hosts about getting more bulk bandwidth. Hopefully they can do me a good deal.

In other news today I had a spare moment to play around on my pc so I tried my hand at making some new clothes. I made a bra that was open-cupped. Lol, it was the skankiest thing ever.
I’m figuring it out though. I wish I had all the clothing files on my laptop, I’d be playing in photoshop right now.

Boo. Oh well.

And, in case you were wondering, no I will not show you my skanky bra. Srsly it looked like poop.


Tomorrow, if I get a chance, I might try installing the latest patch for the game (I know, ack) and Awesomemod. I want to try making a celeb with the awesomemod’s slider hacks. Hopefully I don’t explode my game. I will have to back all my sims up beforehand.

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