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Adding some sims.

As you have probably noticed, I’ve been adding some sims over the past couple of days. I’m just putting them up quickly in bunches and will go back over them and add more photos and better credits and info for the custom content in the photos. Bear with me, this is going to take a while!


(I’m just going to paste a few links here for later reference when I upload their sims. It will save me going to 4shared and grabbing all the urls. Just ignore it, or feel free to download them, they are Kelly Osbourne, Paris Hilton and Natalie Imbruglia. I’ll put the photos up soon but I wanna fix all the other ones first)

1 comment to Adding some sims.

  • Katiy C

    HI i happened to come across your beautiful creations, can you or do you know anyone that does star wars stuff, i cant find anything, looking for outfits from naboo.


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