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Nothing interesting…

… I’m just sitting on my bed pondering all things sim. Tomorrow I shall do some final tweaks on Kim and then upload her regardless. If she looks sorta like Kim then I will call her Kim Kardashian. If she doesn’t look like Kim, well, I will still call her Kim Kardashian, but will be secretly hating her. :D

I’ll also try to find some time to work on the Vamp Diaries characters. I’m pretty happy with how they are going but I am not sure I will be able to get them looking really good. That’s probably all I will have time for tomorrow, if I even get a chance to work on them. Knowing me, though, I will start working on them then get pissed off and make some random sim. ;)

If you are waiting on my Emmett Cullen I do apologise.  You should see the rough draft I have of him, you’d understand why I don’t want to look at him right now, he’s freakin’ ugly. It’s sad really. I will definitely do him at some stage in the near future. I just need to find some better frontal facial shots to work with. If you know of any good ones, feel free to let me know.

I wish there was more male hair available. I’m not talking about anime style hair, there’s plenty of that. I just mean regular man hair. Shaggy hair, unkempt hair, neat hair, that hair with the whispy fringe that falls over a guys face as they toil outside, bare chest glistening in the sun…

Wait. What were we talking about?

2 comments to Nothing interesting…

  • SerenaBlondie

    You mentioned looking for regular male hair. Just today 2 went up on MTS converted from Sims 2 dont know if you’ve seen them so thought I’d let you know :D

  • Ooh thanks SerenaBlondie! I’d only noticed the one hair. The casual hair looks quite nice, doesn’t it!

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