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New Eyeshadow: Romance, Cheetah, Leopard

I made a few more eyeshadows for you to play with! They are called Cheetah, Leopard and Romance. All have three recolourable palettes.


Romance is similar to my Candy Crush eyeshadow. The palettes are in the same spots but I took the eyeshadow right up to the eyebrow because I wanted an eyeshadow that covered a larger area.

Romance Cas Thumbnail

Download: 4shared mediafire

Both Cheetah & Leopard Shadows
(updated to include males and child through elder)
4shared mediafire

Cheetah – only for females

Cheetah is a very spotty, mottled eyeshadow. I think it would work well on fantasy sims, I am thinking of making some goblins and elves using this one.


Download: 4shared mediafire

Leopard – only for females

Leopard is similar to Cheetah but covers a smaller area.


Download: 4shared mediafire

I’m thinking the brush I’ve used for the eyeshadow would be good for making freckles so I might add that to my list of projects :)

I have NO idea how to centre my galleries, it’s making my ocd tendencies flare up.

10 comments to New Eyeshadow: Romance, Cheetah, Leopard

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  • Olli

    very nice.. you are the best

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  • Hi, omg you’re Romance eye shadow makes my sims hearts skip a beat. I love you’re make-up, freckles, beauty spots, skins, EVERYTHING on this website basically. Every time I visit your website I can swear I hear my computer groan as I have a slight hoarding problem when it comes to CC, every 2 or 3 months I have to go through my CC and move stuff over to my portable hardrive and there’s files that I always leave in my game no matter what and thats you’re skins and make up and lemonleafs skins and make-up lol :) this is a rather long message when all I intended to write was, your romance shadow is awesome c: LOL do you have a tumblr account ?

  • Thanks susie, glad you like it. No tumblr account :)

  • snapelover

    Loving your eyeshadows! Also love your other creations. Thank you so much for offering these. Keep on creating, please!

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