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Coming up…

… I’ve finished making Carlisle Cullen, I just have to take the photos and then I will upload him. Hopefully tomorrow. :)

I’m also working on a male, noone in particular, just a random. I have a couple of others on the fly too, they are pissing me off though so I don’t know whether they will end up being finalised.

Anyway, have a nice xmas everyone.


4 comments to Coming up…

  • Melissa


    Do you accept any requests? If yes, please will you make a Sim into Scott Robinson from the band, Five in UK in the late 1990′s. I think you live in UK, so you might know them. Please make him as a teen. You pick traits, favorites, etc. Thanks so much:)







  • Melissa

    Oh, the links are not working? Please check this out,

  • Melissa

    Oh, yes. Merry Christmas as well:)

  • Merry Christmas :) I occasionally take requests, but they tend to just go onto a list of sims I will try making at some stage. I will add him to the list and hopefully I will get some time to try him out. :)

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