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Fierce - Eyeblush Set

Ok guys, here it is. I gave up on the original alpha because I messed with it to the point of no return. Lol. It was easier to start over with a fresh alpha so I decided to try working with my old Disco alpha’s, since they would work well with lots of colours.

Basically what you have here is an Eyeshadow and Blush set. They must be used together in order to achieve the looks I’ve shown below. That said, you could try combining the Blush packages with other eyeshadows and see what happens heh.

NOTE: These MUST be applied blush first then eyeshadow second!! You want the eyeshadow layer on top, otherwise you will get slightly different looks to the ones below.


As you can see from the image above, you can achieve a few different looks by using different Blush and Eyeshadow combinations.

Below you can see the separate files. The eyeshadows cover from the eye socket down to the bottom lid and have three channels. The blushes cover the upper half of the eye just below the brow and also have a blush. These also have three channels so, basically you end up with a 1-channel blush and a 5-channel eyeshadow.


Below are some more examples of colours.


I tried to darken the alpha around the eyelids so the eyeliners would work, they appear to be working ok. Whether or not that is because of the way I did the alpha or because of the way you layer the blush/eyeshadow I don’t know. Who cares really, as long as it works lol.

Ok I’m going to explain how to make these a little later, this took me all day so I can’t be buggered right now. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I will have a tutorial on combining alphas/masks for you so you can make your own multi channel makeup combos.


Full Set of Fierce Eyeshadows & Blushes - Mediafire /  4shared

27 comments to Fierce – Eyeblush Set

  • Holy shitbolloch this PWNS! Seriously. Love the colours! :)

  • The last four shots (the blue ones) are my faves. :D

  • Thanks hon :D I’ll make more ‘classic’ shaped shadows with 5 channels later. :)

  • chobits

    Gorgeous work!!! Love the examples, thank you!!! :D

  • Flajko

    Wowza! :D It’s amazing!!! :) T H A N K S !

  • Simlicious

    yay, even more colors, Eyeshadows can never have enough colors :)
    You’re a genius to use the blush for an extra color option. Thanks a bunch!

  • musicbooks

    YES! and i already know which sim i want to try these on cause your other stuff looks so good on her as well.

  • Wow! These turned out better than I was expecting. Amazing us once again Miss Lady? :)

    So of course I have to bug and ask … Do you know what eyeliner that is in the very last pic??

    Anyway, thanx tons and when I start putting packages back into my games this is going for sure! I love it!!!

  • Miss LochNess

    <3 These are FANTASTIC! I've been waiting patiently (not) for these! I can't wait to test them out!

  • Thanks guys, glad you like em. :D

    Missa, I’m pretty sure that’s a subaxi liner.

  • Ivana

    I love, LOVE your work.
    It’s excellent quality with plenty of details and, my favourite part, your file sizes are so small that it’s extraordinary. Really, it’s all wonderful. This eyeblush just catapulted you to the top of my CC creator list. Well done, since I’m really picky with what I download. XD

    On a side note, might I ask what server or proxy that you host this site on?

  • Thanks Ivana. :)
    I’m using Crucial Paradigm as my hosts now. :)

  • Maya

    amaazinnggggg…… wowey! I am putting these on the first sim I make :D I couldn’t WAIT for these to come out! xxx

  • DianFelisa

    These are beautiful! I also love the idea of the 5 channels.
    Thank you! :D

  • Did these get taken down at ms3b? I cannae find the entry on there anymore.

  • Simstatic

    Hi Lady, beautiful eyeshadow once again. Thanks

    The entry at MS3B is Sept 19 and it is still there, I just checked.

  • Richard

    Hi, loved these!
    May I ask where can I get that hair? :)

  • Umm I think it could be at Savio’s blog, Richard.

  • Skyelar

    Wow, this is really pretty!!
    I just haven’t gotten around to dowloading it yet!
    I also want to say what a great job you do on all of your designs, I have almost all of them!
    Keep up the good work!

  • denise

    i have wish, can you please make a new silk skin how i show in my picture?
    this would be very nice, because i love your skins !
    when you do my wishes i would love you forever!


  • aWT

    Hey milady. This is PERFECT to use with Late Night clubs at night! Ha-ha. *-*

    Btw, I’ve sent you an email, I hope you’d received it. :)

  • Bellz

    Heeeey :) First off I LOOOOOOOOOOVE these I am a huge fan of all of your stuff!!! I was just wondering if you are gonna get back to working on Sims 3 Skins, clothes, and make-up. I love all of your stuff especially the skins they look so real! I really miss your stuff and I cannot wait until you have more stuff out for us all here to download!!! Well Thanks again hun I love everything you’ve made <3

  • Bellz, thanks for the kind words. I hope to get back into it one day, though it will probably be hard having been out of the scene for months now… I kinda already have no idea what’s going on lol. I suppose I am safe with stuff like makeup and clothes though so one day, hopefully. Maybe when Ava is in school and the baby is asleep lol.

  • Hi there :) I love all of your amazing skintones, and all of your make ups! I love them so much that I have mentioned them in my latest blog: IF that is okay with you, I have linked you and given you all the credit, and all that good stuff :) But if you do not want it on there, or need me to re-do something to make it more appropriate to you, then I will gladly do it. And Yes, this blog is new, I decided to start taking requests for making Sims or Showing sites with the best & highest quality CC. Anyway, I absolutely love you, so I linked you like crazy! Again, though, If you don’t want it there, Just tell me.

    Thanks for all your amazing works! :)

  • foxfox.alisa


  • Esomu

    Is it possible to make this a sims3pack? for some reason my laptop wont recognize a package file. :\ This is amazingly beautiful! ^_^

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