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CC Snot Extravaganza.

Ok ‘extravaganza’ is probably a little too exciting a word for what I am doing at the moment but whatevs. I’ve downloaded and merged cc from GoS, Savio, TumTum, Cazy and possibly someone else. I have mts and anubis files all waiting to be merged but s3pe sploded on me.

I think I need to unpartition my hard drive. I stupidly partitioned it back when I installed my OS. When I say ‘stupidly partitioned’ I don’t mean the act of partitioning it was stupid, I mean the way in which I did so was monumentally stupid. I have no effing room on my c drive for my cc let alone my virtual goddamned memory. Eff virtual memory, eff it in it’s goat arse.

So ima download an unpartitioning program and go ham on my harddrive.

Soon you will be seeing some uploads by Flajko on my blog. He needed somewhere to post some of his sims that included hair which wasn’t edited enough to be classed as non-pay on mts so I have made him a section on here for his shiznid. You can’t see the category til he posts something but, take my word for it, it’s there. Or you can not take my word for it and think I am a big fat liar if you so desire. Whatevs, sif I care.

In other news I have a drs appointment this afternoon. Hopefully we can form an elite group of cough-fighting specialists and walk all up and down this coughs ass. Or something. Where is House when you need him…

In even more other news, my husbands underwear is so raggedy I am embarrassed to even hang it on my clothesline.

Oh and the other night I had to sneeze so I closed my mouth so as not to wake Ava, who was sleeping next to me. In doing so, I sploded snot out my nose. It was awesome.

On that rather delightful note, I shall go try and find an unpartitiony program for my pc. *waddles off*


8 comments to CC Snot Extravaganza.

  • Raggedy underwear, sensual.

    Sploading snot out your nose? Thats nothin’. One time (at band camp) I was eating cereal, had to sneeze, but then sneezed it all over the computer screen. Sexy? It was a total bitch to clean up, and this happens regularily. FML.

  • Lol Alan. I was at a bbq with friends once, we were sitting around a fire drunk and chatting and my friend sneezed a big snotball onto my leg. It was hilarious.

  • Drunk people + fire? What could possibly go wrong?

  • Rob

    I cracked up when you were talking about your husbands underwear and how there to raggedy hang on the clothes

  • gemini

    What is it about men that will wear rags for underwear? It seems to be a phenomenon that occurs when they become a husband. I imagine there are some rare, single bachelors that will wear underwear with holes too, I have no evidence to back up this hypothesis. I do know I never saw my hubby wearing a pair of boxers that were full of holes until after we had been married for over a year. I will throw away my favorite pair of Victoria’s Secret undies the minute they get a snag or start of a hole. I am still waiting for the day to arrive when I see my husband wearing the waist band of his torn up boxers as a matching headband and wrist band set.

  • Hehe it’s so true, gemini. They just don’t prioritise undies. *shakes her head*
    Maybe they think the undies fairy will buy them new ones.

  • Gary Lyn

    In the mid 1960′s I had the opportunity to spend a couple years in a quite tropical climate and discovered that underwear was a source for immediate gauld. The simple solution was to NOT wear them and I have not been able to readapt to the bind and discomfort of a totally useless garment since then.

    Think of how much money just on the cost of Undies I have saved, how many needless loads of laundry my wife has not had to do, not to count the extra room in dresser drawer. I put the non existent skivvies right next to the socks that I don’t wear.

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