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Ali G: R.E.S.T.E.C.P! Do ya even know wha that spellz?

Cabinet M.P.: Restecp?

Ali G: Yes, Restecp. ‘Owz anyone out there meant to restecp each otha? If you lot in ‘ere, don’t even start restecpa-ing one another.

I have a thread over at the official sims boards that I update occasionally with some of the new stuff I have available on here. I don’t do it very often, I used to update it on a regular basis but when I made my site I got lazy and couldn’t be fucked.

I was browsing the boards recently and came across one of those “omfg downloads with cc! kthx bai!” type threads that are all too common over there. Rather stupidly, I decided to read said thread. Sigh. Basically it’s a thread where people post links to the sims/lots on the exchange that contain the most cc they can get for free. No information about who made the cc, nothing. Just custom content dissemination at it’s finest. <– that was sarcasm, by the way.

I think it’s really douchey to create sims just so you can smother them in content, share them on the exchange and get precious rec points. Incredibly douchey. Those sims are like drug smugglers carrying crack into the country in a baggie up their arse. Only it’s not crack, it’s custom content… and it’s not so much up their arses.

Here’s an idea, how about spending a little extra time making a unique sim with content that has been credited properly, one that people will want to use instead of just creating  pudding sim laden with content that probably shouldn’t even be on the exchange anyway. Seriously, how hard is it to add the credit into the bio or make new upload images that contains the credit info? The answer is: NOT VERY HARD AT ALL IF YOU AREN’T A LAZY BASTARD WHO HAS HOARDS OF CC WITH NO IDEA WHO CREATED ANY OF IT. Shit, I think I totally grammar-failed that sentence, but you get the point hopefully. O_o

All facts I mentioned in the thread, by the way, and was pretty much told “myeh myeh whine myeh dodgy excuse”… which, when translated to english, means, “I am a lazy bastard who has downloaded so much content from the exchange that my folders are bursting at the seams and, gosh darn it, I have no fucking idea who it belongs to. I also don’t give a shit, even though I pretend like I do. Like, really, I totally do appreciate all the work that, like, goes into making the content, so yeah, like, mad props to all youse creators for making stuff for me to, like, play with… Yes. I totally respect you, I just can’t be fucked crediting you or even bothering to find out who you are”


Oh and, for the record, just because you are downloading cc from sims on the exchange doesn’t mean the cc is ‘safe’ and won’t break your shit. If anything it is more likely to.

Anyway, the bottom line is that most of the stuff you use is free. It’s been created by someone and uploaded so that you can use it and get a little more enjoyment out of your game. Some of this stuff takes ages to make so, I figure, the least you can do in return is respect the creators terms of use. If they want you to credit them, then credit them. If they don’t want their stuff on the exchange, then don’t put it there.

That thread is still going, it’s still being bumped by its creator who obviously doesn’t give a shit about anything I said. I dunno, maybe she’s a 12 yo and I’m just being a big old meanie to her. Whatevs it just annoys me when people choose to remain ignorant.

For the record I have no problem with people uploading my stuff to the exchange. Fine, go for it, but if you do – please for the love of god show me a little respect and credit me in your fucking sim bio… or, I swear, I will come over there and break your shit myself.


6 comments to R-E-S-T-E-C-P

  • ella

    IKR? Lazy and stupid? They belong there, I say.

    Oh, hon. I would just say to stop going to the BBS.
    I think for any content creator, reading threads there would just bring about heartburn and an urge to commit murder. ;) Or at least, bombard their Launcher with all the crappy content there ever is under the Sun.

    Apart from nonsensical posts and inciting the mods to *do something to their own threads or accounts, everytime I visit there to get news on a bug fix (yea, am an optimist), I’m appalled at the level of greed and stupidity.

    My first comment here, whee! But I wanted to show my support.
    So you keep on creating, my Sims worlds need to be populated y’know…
    …go on, back to work! Git!

  • Totally agree, which is exactly why I don’t download stuff from there. I also stopped reading the threads on the forum because I was scared it would kill my brain.

    And who cares if it’s a twelve year old girl? They have to learn! lol.

    Also, when I saw the title I totally heard Mercedes singing in my head!

  • TRUE DAT! I have this really nice dress in my game that would be perfect for upload to MTS, but I have no idea who created it and who to credit. Thats why my exchange a/c is pretty much inactive, because all those douche mcgouche’s on the site REFUSE to credit stuff they include with their motherfunking sims. Also, I think each creator should have custom thumbnails on their shit so I don’t have so scour the web googling random keywords that never even bring up fucking results. Bloody hell. :/

  • SerenaBlondie

    Actually you make a very valid point. In the beginning I didn’t realise and did leave the CC on without crediting but since having some bad CC of the exchange I have made a point of taking most of the CC of except for hair and maybe some make up. However since reading this if I were in your shoes I’d be pretty pissed off so I have put on my page the website of all the sites I get my CC off. Sorry for in the passed not crediting you on my page but I have always told people about your site on any pages I post my creations on. Hope you can forgive me :P

  • Thanks everyone :)

    Yeah alan custom thumbs are the bomb! Makes things so much easier.

    Serena, of course! I was only really talking about those who don’t give credit and refuse to after having someone explain to them why it’s disrespectful. People who just don’t give a shit.

    Thanks ella and sleep all day :)

  • Grrr, I know what you mean! That is why I do not download sims anything from the exchange. All of my downloads are separated into folders and sub folders so I can ALWAYS credit any CC I use in uploaded sims. Plus I enjoy linking all of the CC creators XD.

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