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Glitter Failtown

Ok so I’m sorta putting the glitter aside for now because I can’t get it to look right. Instead I am working on another glam eyeshadow. Woot.
It’s gonna have one channel that  has the wing and goes all around the lids, so it’s like really dark funky liner. Not sure what the top two channels will do yet though. Once I get this channel neat I can use it for all kinds of shadows.

so far...

That’s what I have so far. You can see the little tiny dots I use to figure out where the eff I am editing in photoshop. Lol


I also want to say thanks to DHQueen for the Victorian Fashions gift. You rock, I’m glad you enjoy my site and creations <3

Thanks to everyone else who has gifted me stuff from the store, I srsly can’t afford to buy that stuff myself so it’s really appreciated.

On another note, something in this room really stinks. *scrunches up her nose*

5 comments to Glitter Failtown

  • Sorry about the glitterfail; hopefully you can get that sorted sooner rather than later. In the mean time, this looks like it’ll be fantastic! You’ve inspired me to give make-up making another go.

    Re: dots – Did you want/need the facial uv map, or do you have that already?

  • Aww, sucks that you aint working on that glitter eyeshadow anymore, it looked great! :(

    For the new eyeshadow, I like how the black around the eye joins up. :)

  • Hey aikea! :D
    I’m hoping I can get it working, I’d REALLY love some shiny eyeshadow. I’m glad you think this will look good, it will be nice to get the channel cleaned up well so I can use it for all kinds of funky shadows.
    I’d love a copy of the facial uv map if it will help me with the crazy distortion of the face, do I have to extract it from one of the build packages or something? Sometimes I am very much a noob.
    Aikea Guinea makeup hey? I hope you are serious because I can’t wait to see what you come up with :D

    Alan: Thanks! I’m pretty happy with how it joined up too. Don’t worry I haven’t given up fully yet, I just need to work out speculars and all that jazz. I need to figure out what will actually make the makeup shine.

  • Here you go! I couldn’t find them on our site last night, so I just reuploaded them. Hope you can use PSD files, otherwise I can make them jpgs. They should really help with eyemakeup.

  • Thank you so much aikea! Now I just have to find a tute on how to decipher all these lines. Lol. I have a general idea but, yeah I should probably go read up *runs off to learn stuff*

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