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Will Trade Sexual Favours for Meshing Help

… by ‘sexual favours’ I mean ‘favours of the non-sexual variety’.

Srsly though, if anyone can fix this mesh for me I would greatly appreciate it.

Can you tuck in his tummy?

I need that tummy section (the shirt mesh that’s underneath) to be tucked into the pants so he can wear any pants without the overhang occurring.


2 comments to Will Trade Sexual Favours for Meshing Help

  • Isa

    Hi, Lady!!! I don’t know if you remember me… I commented about your Ian days and days ago… :D Well, I’m coming back ’cause I’d like to talk to you by e-mail. Can you send me an e-mail?
    I’ll explain my idea! Have a great week (and weekend)! :D

  • Hi isa, of course I remember you. :) I will send you an email tomorrow, it’s bedtime for me now :)
    Should I be worried that this comment is in my sexual favour blog? Heh.

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