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To Do List & Suggestion List

I figured I would make a post with the stuff I need to finish or try out because I keep forgetting stuff that has been suggested to me. I should have kept a list ages ago but I thought my brain could handle it. Apparently my brain is more feeble than I realised.

To Do List
(these are the sims n stuff that need to be finished & things I want to make)

Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore)
Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert)
Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore)
Gina Torres (Zoe Washburn)
Noel Fielding (Vince Noir)
Emmett Cullen
Julia Roberts v2
Natalie Imbruglia v2
Dean & Sam Winchester v3
Asian Model Guy
Yolandi Vi$$er
David Hasselhoff
Smaller animal print eyeshadow
Scars / Sutures / Bruising
Those blasted bra sets that are driving me mental

Suggestion List
(these are the things people have requested I try to make)

See-through t-shirts
Sheer dress shirt for males
Undies in Pants Section
Sisely Treasure
Miley Cyrus
Friends Cast
Josh Ryan
Billie Joe Armstrong
Britney Spears
Peter Pan
Michael Jackson (oldschool michael)
Milla Yovovich
Kate Beckinsale
Jessica Alba
Josh Holloway
Josh Hartnett
Brittany Murphy
Brendan Fraser
Alice Cooper

Argh there are more to go on here I just can’t remember them.
If you have made a suggestion and I’ve forgotten it, let me know so I can add it to the list for future reference.


27 comments to To Do List & Suggestion List

  • theRealDeal

    I requested Michael Jackson. (maybe too many times, lol) <3

  • That’s right! Only twice tho, not too many times hahaha <3

  • Eliza

    I requested Kate Beckinsale and Milla Jovovich a while back, if you have the time or inclination to do them eventually.

  • Cheers for reminding me Eliza! I do want to try milla one day actually :)

  • some

    I would love to have panties as normal pants (in this categorie). cause sometimes there are beautiful tops which could be worn as a dress (maybe with some leggins underneath). but every kind of pants i have is showing.
    Did you understand what i mean? (i’m german, don’t know how to explain myself right now :) )

    oh and how about jessica alba? and maybe josh holloway ^^

  • Josh is a hottie. I will add them to the list but I probably won’t end up doing Jessica, I think she’s been done to death hasn’t she?

    What do you mean by the panties thing? Do you just mean some underwear in the Everyday Pants section? :)

  • some

    Yes exactly. That’s what i mean. Could have been so easy xD

  • Lol. That shouldn’t be too hard. What type of undies?

  • some

    doesn’t matter. it’s just important that they won’t show up under tops/shirts which are longer. Cause i wanna let the simmies wear those as dresses with leggins. That would be awesome if you make this. I’ve been searching everywhere for this :)

  • SerenaBlondie

    kind of feel bad to remind you of mine as I think you have loads to do already but i requested Josh Hartnett if your able to get to him :D

  • Oh duh, yours was a recent one too. God my memory is shonky. :D
    I’ll add him now!

  • Hang on, now I’m confused :D

    You want underwear in the pants category, but you want to wear leggings? OH wait, do you mean stocking type leggings? Not athletic leggings? I was gonna say why don’t you just wear leggings with the top haha. lol. If they are under the shirt that’s longer they will be hidden because the shirt covers them won’t they? I think I’m still confused, maybe it’s bedtime :D

  • some

    no i guess it’s just me. cause i can’t explain what i mean :)
    okay, one more time. i downloaded some beautiful tops and shirty which are very long (cover the butt and longer). the problem is that those things look stupid with jeans or a skirt (in my opinion). they would be perfect as some kind of dress. but you HAVE to pic jeans or a skirt to wear something that is in the “tops and shirts” section. the leggins i mean are in the same section with the tights. in the acessoirs section. to solve my problem i would like to have panties in the “bottom” section which should be that small that these long shirts cover them.
    god, everytime i try to explain i guess it sounds more an more confusing xD i’m sorry.

  • theRealDeal

    I think at lilisims they have underwear in the everyday section to download… and they might have leggings in the accessories as well. Is that what you mean? I’ll comment again once I get the links. :)

  • Ah ok I do get ya some. :D
    Have you checked out lilisims, I think RealDeal might be right about them having undies in the pants section. If they don’t let me know and I will make some when I get a chance.

  • some

    well they have hotpants for the pants section. i downloaded them and i will see if they won’t show underneath. Thanks for your help

  • Let me know how you go. If they don’t work I’ll put some panties in the pants section for you.

  • some

    Yes, it worked! Thank you both

  • theRealDeal

    You’re welcome! :D

  • Adele_SimMaker

    Ahem. Can I request Alice Cooper, Brendan Fraser, Brittany Murphy and Hugh Jackman, please? ^_^

  • Rofl Adele. I will add them to the list. BUT monca is making a Hugh Jackman on MTS right now that is looking pretty fab. You should go check it out. :)

  • Adele_SimMaker

    Is she? Oooooooh!!! Me go checky now! Thank thee! ^_^

  • orangeatsims

    hi i was wondering if you would make reese witherspoon, justin bieber, and liem hensworth.

    ps you make really good people, hope you feel better and thanks

  • Toni

    Todays : Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and La Toya jackson. :D

  • River Song

    could you make some hairy skins for werewolves? Supernatural’s body hair just isn’t doing it for me, they still look so… naked. I may be making them wrong but they always turn out looking like were-apes.

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