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Cool Down!

Heh I am trying to finish the animal eyeshadows I was working on earlier so I’ve grabbed my pedestal fan from the bedroom and stuck it in front of my open pc tower. It’s on high, and it’s helping a little.

I have a feeling it may only be the sims that is causing the overheating issue… which is annoying. I mean do I really wanna eff around with my pc for one blasted game? I wonder if it’s some of the cc causing it to overheat or if the game just uses the resources stupidly.

Anyway, if this crazy fan thing works I might have some eyeshadow for you later. Joy.


Edit: Argh. Been trying to make the eyeshadow smaller on the face but I think it sucks now.

Left is original. Right is smaller… obviously.

Which one looks best? Both? Neither?


4 comments to Cool Down!

  • Eliza

    I kindof like the fade effect more I think, but the eyebrowless vs. eyebrows is distracting. Sorry. x.x

  • I like the faded one too. Do you mean its hard to compare because of the fact one has eyebrows? I can’t believe I forgot to remove them lol.

  • some

    The faded one looks better on the face, but the colours on the right one are more intensive or the contrast is better (i don’t know). i guess the problem is that the more contrast you get on the colours the less faded the eyeshadow look? maybe it’s possible to concentrate the colours/contrast around the eyes and let them fade into the “not so colourful” parts to keep the faded look on the edges like the left one has?

    Anyways, these look great and i’m looking forward to have them in my game in the near future. keep up the good work, this became one of my favorite sites.

  • Thanks so much, some. :)
    I’ve uploaded the big ones. I’ll keep working on the smaller ones. I think you are right about the colours, the brighter/darker they are the less faded they look. Whereas if you choose a colour closer to the centre of the wheel then they are more faded looking. I’ll have to play about with them.

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