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Sorry about the lack of updates. It’s been pretty hot the last couple of days and my pc is sitting in the hottest room in the house. It cracks the shits at me when I load up cas. *shakes her fist*

I’m still working on two underwear sets. One is on my laptop – I work on it when I am in bed. The other is on my pc so I work on that during the day if the room isn’t too stuffy. They are both based around Dita Von Teese. One is based on a photo I found of her, it looked relatively simple but pretty so I figured it would be a good one to practise on. The other is actually a set from her underwear line I believe. Nothing really out there, but something I can work on without going mental. :)

I really want to make some more sims but I haven’t been motivated lately. I have a massive list of sims I need to try that I have to actually put down on paper. My head is getting too full of celeb names and I think everytime I add one, another falls out my ear.

Anyway this is probably boring you so I will go play in photoshop.


9 comments to BORING.

  • Aurélie

    It’s pretty hot? Where do you live?

    I can’t wait to see your new underwear…

  • Tommerton

    I live in Argentina, and here its hot too. So, sometimes when the CPU begins smoking, I throw some Icecubes inside the Box. Lol. Cheers

  • I’m in Western Australia. It’s not as bad as it was a while ago, we hit 43 celcius on a few days. It was crazy hot. My computer room just sucks. Aurelie, I did a little work on the bra earlier, it’s gonna take a while though. Lol Tommerton, maybe I should try that ;)

  • SerenaBlondie

    Send some sun to England pls, It keeps trying to snow :D Then just ends up raining :(

  • Doh. Yeah I could never live over there, I would be so depressed because of the weather!

  • Aurélie

    I live in France, today it’s rainy with 4 celcius!! But in winter it’s normal, but it’s suck!

  • Hi I live in Natal Brazil coast and here is very hot. and now that winter is approaching is very muffled time, but every once in a while, that breeze is … is very good .

  • Heh we live all over the place, don’t we. I really enjoy the summer, even though it can get incredibly hot. I’m lucky, in WA it doesn’t get really humid. When I lived in sydney the summers could be awful cos of the humidity.

  • Maya

    eurgh London’s crazy… we just had about 6 cm of snow a few days ago and it still hasn’t gone away… and the airports are closed, transport is bust, shops are shut! We can’t cope!!! So frustrating lol

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