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Disney's Mulan

Mulan has been in my simbin for ages so I thought I would finish her tonight.

You will need bella3lek4′s facial sliders in order for mulan to show up exactly as she is. Which means you will likely need the Slider Limit Increasing mod as well, both are at the right of my page.


Download: 4shared

As usual all custom content has been removed before uploading. For information on where to find the content I have used on Mulan, check out her photos.

The Cheongsam style top by shep can be found here
The asian style party dress by OSSA can be found here
The hair can be found here.

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)

Ok so I finally made Bella Swan for my Twilight set. I keep forgetting to finish the Mulan sim that is in my sim bin. I will do her next.

I’m waffling, as usual. Bella was a right pain in the arse to make. Thankfully she looks better ingame than she does in cas. She looks pretty godawful in cas actually, hence the lack of cas shots. ;)

I used bella3lek4′s facial sliders on Bella so you will need to grab them, they are in the right menu (specifically the Eye Width, Eye Length, Eye Stretch and the chin and jaw ones). You will probably also need to download the hack that allows you to raise the max slider limit of the game. If you don’t get these, Bella’s eyes, jaw and chin won’t look right.

Now that that is out of the way, onto the photos:


Download: 4shared

Note: If you want her to appear as she does in the photos you will need to download and install all of the custom content I have listed in her photos. The most important thing, though, are those sliders I mentioned earlier. Her eyes will look crap without them. It’s up to you whether or not you use the freckles and what colour eyes you give her.
The Plump Lipstick is by sims world (channy & vivin) and can be found here

Her lip colour is white, white and (168, 74, 77) (the palette colours from the top circle to the bottom one) If you prefer the colour in the photo of her with vampire eyes, then just make the third shade slightly paler and desaturated.

The formal hair is here, sorry it’s a paid hair. You don’t really need it though.

Carlisle Cullen

Here is Carlisle Cullen from Twilight, played by Peter Facinelli. Not overly happy with this sim, but I was getting absolutely sick of him so I might do a version two at a later date when I can look at him without shaking my fist in rage.

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Normal
Weight: Normal
Traits: Ambitious, Family-Oriented, Friendly, Good, Charismatic

Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle Cullen

Download: 4shared

You will need bella3lek4′s awesome facial sliders. I’ve included them in the rar. Huge thanks to bella3lek4 for allowing me to do so. Because there are so many of them you may also need the package that allows you to raise the max slider limit of the game. It’s over in the right menu. :)
Once again the awesome short hair is by EsmeraldaF at MTS.

felt like playing with costume makeup. I’ve been trying to make some lipstick, it’s going ok I guess, just gotta fine tune them before they can be uploaded. Work out the kinks n all that.

Anyway I thought I would try making the makeup that the female in Avatar sometimes has on (i realised after making it that she also sometimes has spots on her face, which would have been a million times easier lol)
It turned out kinda crap, but I’ve never made costume makeup before so I’m a bit of a noob. I took a screenie of the female I whipped up really quickly to try the makeup on (hence her looking kinda lame):

The crappy makeup I made.

My crappy attempt at costume makeup

Oh well, the good thing is, I think I can mess with the eye section to make Mulan’s eyeliner. Woot. Oh and I was planning on making her little cat nose but forgot to do it before I loaded up the game. Whoops.