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No sirree.

So I watched True Blood the other night before bed.  I went to sleep prepared to have a raunchy dream about Eric Northman. Oh yes Mr Northman, please do come in. Something along those lines, I know you know what I mean. ;)

Anyway I did have a raunchy dream. Only problem is it wasn’t about Eric Northman, nor was it about Bill Compton. It wasn’t even about Jason Stackhouse or Sam Merlott. Shit, it wasn’t even about Hoyt Fortenberry.

My dream was about Peter Jones from Dragon’s Den UK.


I’m working on a few things at the moment, all of which are taking a long time because I’ve been so damn tired. I’m still coughing but it’s been more productive and I’m blowing a whole lot of interesting stuff out my nose. Which begs the question, just how much old snot can one store in ones head? I mean really. I didn’t realise my head was that big. Maybe  don’t have a lot of brain behind there.

I wanna say thanks to the people who have recently gifted me items from the store, you guys rock <3
And a very special thank you to sereniticat for her monetary donation, which means I might actually be able to purchase ambitions in the not-too-distant future. <3

I hate when you are working on a few things and your brain keeps saying things like, “zomg, you should totally make zombie skins now!” or “zomg sexy clothes! make some more sexy clothes!” Shut up brain. I’m already doing stuuuuuufff. *whine*

Ok ima go make my daughter some toast for breakfast then I might tidy up a bit then jump on the pc.


All your bandwidth are belong to me.

I’ve organised the new host so we now have 500gb of bandwidth instead of 80. We already reached 50+ so I was a little worried.

Thanks to my sister who has loaned me the money to pay for a years hosting up-front so I could save a little money.

Hopefully I can make some stuff soon, I’m almost done re-downloading all my cc!


Possible Downtime

Hey guys, I’m considering moving hosts again because of bandwidth so if the site is down in the next few days it’s probably because of that.

Just a heads up.