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Sorry I've not been around much...

… my mum was visiting and I’ve been soooooooooooo fkn tired.

And sorry to those of you who asked me to make self sims. I was actually working on them but then I installed Ambitions and since then my game has decided not to load. I haven’t had a chance to work out what the problem is and, right now, I kinda can’t be bothered lol.

I hope you are all well.

I upgraded wordpress and the theme I used so the site looks a little different. If you wanna comment on posts now I believe you have to actually open the post and scroll to the bottom.


Holy Moly

I checked my mail today and there were 12 gifted item emails. O_o

Thank you so much, errorer!

<3 <3 <3

Working on...

After reading a few comments over at MS3B I’ve decided to do some work on my face skins. The comments weren’t douchebaggy or anything like that but they did reiterate something I already thought about my faces. The noses don’t have a lot of versatility the way I shaded and highlighted them. I think my current skins work pretty well for making button noses and a few other styles but not much else.

In the current version I have removed the shading around the ball of the nose and am adding highlighting down the entire length. I’ll add some more texture over the top but the main thing is I’ve removed the shadows above the ball of the nosetip which will, hopefully, get rid of the button look.

Ima have to mess around to match them up with the body skins because I can’t remember the exact formula I used to make the dark tone files. I’ll write it down this time methinks. This way I can just upload some default / non-default faces and if you guys want these ones as your defaults then you just have to grab faces + bodies. It just means if I decide to edit the faces even more in the future, you can just replace your face files if you so desire.

Anyway I will keep you posted!