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You put the what in the what now?

I haven’t done anything sim related in so long it took me a while to remember where my sim-crap folder was located on my hard drive. Stupid brain.

Anyway I was in the middle of a billion things, one of which was 5-channel eyeshadow (don’t ask). I am going to try and work on it again. If I can remember how to edit alphas. Lol. If I remember correctly it was proving to be rather difficult so we shall see if I can actually get it looking half decent.

Hope you are all well. I still feel like shite but you get that. Hopefully I will feel more motivated soon.



Sorry I haven’t been around much. Been feeling rather turd-like.

Hope you are all well.


Solid Potato Salad.

Ok so I’ve been working on those asian faces but I keep finding bits I don’t like on each of the blasted age groups so they are taking a bit longer than I thought.

I should be able to get them up tomorrow though providing I get a chance to work on them. Otherwise Friday :)

In the meantime, watch this:

Edit: Actually I’m taking screenshots now so I may end up getting these up.