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Pure eyes : big pack! ~ by Flajko

UPDATE 27th August 2010 : Yeah I messed up defaults a bit and a lot of people rightfully complained about it! They were very bright on light colors and were giving a zombie looking eyes which wasn’t my idea but now that’s fixed! Sorry for this happening, they were my first defaults ever made! Please download new version of them which will replace the old ones and also delete your cache files.Take a look at the before-after picture of defaults for the color in the middle:


Before everything I hope LadyFrontbum won’t kill me for posting this before her checking and I hope she’ll soon feel better,     kisses Irene! :*

Hi everybody it’s me again and because a lot of you asked for it I present to you my Pure eyes : big pack! First of all they’re not the same!!! I’ve made them a bit smaller because I love to have real-life sized eyes and the previous version of them was a bit too large and not realistic! I’ve also made them Default for both genders all ages so you can free one space in the make-up slot ;) But there’s more : I’ve also made them as Moving contacts only for female all ages with 5 different positions(for all of those who are wondering why only for females and what are Moving contacts please go here and see the mirror-effect explanation) And for the end I’ve made Centered position contacts only for male all ages (male eyes don’t produce the mirror effect so these contacts have only one centered/regular position!)

Ok now when the explanation is done here is the preview of the Default eyes :


I really hate the fact that Defaults have only one changeable color but even though Pure eyes still look nice,take a look at the color variations :


Contacts have 4 changeable layers : Red,Green,Blue and Alpha to change their color as shown in the picture :


After making all this stuff I got tired and I was very lazy to take more screenshots of these eyes so please visit this page to see screenshots of previous version of them which are the same as these, just a bit bigger!

  • Note 1: Put these packages in your Mods/Packages folder! :D Just a hint for new users!
  • Note 2: You can have only one Default eyes so please remove any old Defaults you’ve used before from your Mods/Packages folder
  • Note 3: You’ll find these contacts in the Makeup->Costume makeup category in game and both have custom thumbnail

DOWNLOAD Pure eyes-Default eyes UPDATE : mediafire/sendspace

DOWNLOAD Pure eyes-Moving contacts FEMALE ONLY : mediafire/sendspace

DOWNLOAD Pure eyes-Centered contacts MALE ONLY : mediafire/sendspace

Pure eyes (contacts) ~ by Flajko

Hey guys, I’m here again after long time and I present to you my new favorite eyes – Pure eyes!


They are only contacts(for now) and can be found under Makeup->Costume makeup and have custom thumbnails

Available for both genders and all ages :) They have 4 changeable layers Red,Green,Blue and Alpha and have 2 available versions which are different one from another by different mask file but the same overlay file (for non CTU users, colors can be changed in 2 different ways) like it’s shown in the picture!


DOWNLOAD : sendspace / mediafire

Please look at the other pictures just to notice how beautiful these eyes are :D

Evangeline Lilly ~ by Flajko

Hey guys, how you doin’ ! This is my first post here but before I start presenting you my beauty, I have to thank another beauty that I recently met – Irene!

Thank you for your supportive gesture of helping a simmer in need! Be sure that you’ll never have to regret letting me be here because I know I’ll give my maximum for every creation so you guys can be fully pleased!

Now lets begin before I start crying


  • You’ll need AwesomeMod to enable slider hack,
  • Bella3lek4′s Facial Feature Sliders (I have them all, they’re the key part for Evangeline’s look),
  • Jonha’s 10 Body Sliders (They define Evangeline’s body figure)
  • Rez’s Non-Default Skintones hack which allows non default skins

All links can be found on the right side of the page in Mods & Sliders category

This is my version of Evangeline Lilly(aka Kate from “LOST”) which I couldn’t upload on MTS ’cause they don’t allow hair she has, but now I can present her here in her full glow!

Download: mediafire / sendspace

Inside the rar file you will find Evangeline’ .sim file. Put it into your SavedSims directory, which can be found in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3

When you load up CAS you will find her in the Premade Sims menu under Young Adult.


You must have all items listed so Evangeline will work on your PC

I hope I haven’t forgotten anything! If I did I’ll fix it quickly!

I also hope you like her and I wish you happy playing wth her!