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Open Shirt for Males


*cough* Finally the open shirts are done. There are six designs for you to choose from all are recolourable, some have 2 palettes some 3.



Download: 4shared Mediafire

They are available for young adult through elder, everyday / sleep / swim / athletic wear.

Ok I have to say a humongous thank you to Arie of Blooms Base. Without his help these wouldn’t be getting published as I’d all but given up on trying to figure out the mesh/uv issue. So thank you very much. <3


Base1980 for his meshing, morph and uv mapping skillz
Woman brush by ~adiberlin
Bullet, Stars, Grunge brushes by Obsidian Dawn
I can’t remember who did the Demoness vector image. Will update this asap.
Jeans seen in screenshots are from RUSTYNAil

V-Neck Tank Top for Females

Hey guys, I made a v-neck tank top for females because I’m making a Sheva Alomar sim and wanted one for her.

It’s for sleeping, athletic and everyday wear. There is a young adult – elder file and a teen file included in the rar.



Download: 4shared mediafire

Huge thanks to Obsidian Dawn whose photoshop brushes were used to make the designs on the tops.

Hair by Raonjena
Jeans by RustyNail
Adult Eyeliner by Arisuka
Teen Eyeliner by Subaxi
Eyebrows by Subaxi
Lipstick by Lemon
Underwear by Interfection
SoftGlo Blush by Kitty Klan

Sims are my Alessia Bianchi sim and the teen is Alessia tweaked a little.

Edit: The neckline of the top may be slightly messy. I’m not sure if it was my game earlier or not. Let me know if I need to clean it up (i’m in bed so I can’t check it now) :D

Mens Metallic Swimsuit

UPDATED 25th Feb 4:04pm WST – Removed Teen category due to mesh issue.

Lmao. I’m pumping them out today, that’s what happens when I can’t sim for a while.
GAminRoger @ MTS requested I make a version of my metallic swimsuit wearable by males. So I did. Hopefully this is what he wanted.

Bring on the strippers!


I made them wearable for swimwear and athletic for all you bodybuilder type simlovers out there. Heh the guys over at MS3b are gonna have a field day with these.

Download: 4shared mediafire

Hope you like them. <3

On an unrelated note… today while I was using the editsim command, this happened:

ZOMG! Chocolate Sim! Om Nom Nom.

It made me hungry.

That is all.

Edit: Damn it, I should have called my swimsuit a “mankini”. Oh well. Oh and I am aware of the typo in the package file. I’m lazy :D