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Work in Progress - Burned Skin

I thought I would pick up this and try finishing it. Should I bother or not?

Let me know what you think.


It's raining men...


No, they aren’t done yet. But they are 99% done so it won’t be long. I have some pictures for you so you can make your final comments… let me know what you think.


Ok so those are the faces. The top one has normal cheekbones, at about the centre of the slider. The bottom one is with lower cheekbones. This is just to show you how the undereye shading moves as you move the cheekbones.

Next up is bodies.


I just have to fix a minor issue with the buttcrack that you can’t see because of the box blur, but apart from that I think they are done?

Next up is dark tones.


Then teens. Lol


And oldies. Lmao


Pa’s been looking after himself. Haha. Obviously they look really bizarre on elders. Hopefully the next skin will be better for them. Or perhaps there is an elder body file in the game I am unaware of?

Lastly, the veinage


Ok well not really lastly. I also have a picture I can’t post on here of the skin using both peen meshes that are available at sexysims. The one on the left is dbcab’s mesh, the one on the right is bloom/base1980′s crammyboy accessory peen.

If you want to see the picture you can find it here.

Bringing Sexy Back

UPDATE: Guys, I’m gonna post all further updates on the thread at mts because it’s easier than putting them on here every single time I change something. If you wanna hop over there and have a look that would be great. You can comment on them either there or on here if you don’t have an mts account.

Thank you :)


I had a little play with the image file yesterday, can you guys let me know what you think of this back?

The back muscles will be smoothed more and blended in a bit better.  Those highlights above the arse will also be softened. I’m just trying to work out where the muscles should be.

... yeah?

Which parts look ok and which parts suck?

Also, I was fucking around with my lighting in game and look!!!

You're fucking kidding me.

So I believe the excess grey smudging was caused by my light stands that I was using for added light. Ima play around a bit more to make sure when I get a chance.

Now I just have to fix up the under eye area and make sure it looks good in a room only lit with ceiling lights.

Anyway let me know what you think.