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Hey, thanks for all the comments everyone. Sorry I haven’t been replying, I actually couldn’t get into my admin panel until moments ago due to some stupid goddamned haxor so I was unable to reply to any comments you had sent. Lol.

I’m due to give birth on saturday, unless the baby overcooks like Ava did so i am just sitting around at the moment waiting, waiting, waiting.

Glad you guys are still enjoying my stuff and I hope you are all well.

xox lfb

Oh... did I leave this thing on?

Heh just kidding. ;)

I thought I should pop in and say hi and explain my absence. Back before I fell pregnant with Ava I used to paint wargaming miniatures for a meagre living, it was more of a hobby than anything. Anyway when I fell pregnant I totally lost all motivation and desire to paint or do anything even slightly creative. It sucked. After she was born I took up jewellery making and dabbled in sculpting but it was too difficult with a baby/toddler to take care of so I gave those up as well. The sims was pretty much the only ‘creative’ thing I could do while she sat on my lap during the ‘quiet’ moments.

You’ve probably figured out where this is going by now. Cut to today,  I am 24 weeks pregnant and it’s happened all over again. All creative juices have been sapped and are currently making their way to my placenta… or somewhere else elusive. As a result I haven’t touched my sims 3 cd in months – I actually bought Ambitions, installed it then never played it. Heh.

I also have some family stuff happening at the moment that is preoccupying me and taking precedence over pretty much everything else in my life, which sucks but you get that.

Anyhoo, I will try to make more of an effort to get on here occasionally to sift through comments and answer questions – if I know the answer to them. I’m not up to speed with the latest patches/games etc so I may not be able to help much.

Sorry I haven’t been around. I hope you are all doing well and your lives are going a little more smoothly than mine is right now ;)

I will leave you with a photo I’ve entitled “Gigantic Peen”

Gigantic Peen

LFB <3

P.S. Thanks for the email, Lynne xox

Fierce - Eyeblush Set

Ok guys, here it is. I gave up on the original alpha because I messed with it to the point of no return. Lol. It was easier to start over with a fresh alpha so I decided to try working with my old Disco alpha’s, since they would work well with lots of colours.

Basically what you have here is an Eyeshadow and Blush set. They must be used together in order to achieve the looks I’ve shown below. That said, you could try combining the Blush packages with other eyeshadows and see what happens heh.

NOTE: These MUST be applied blush first then eyeshadow second!! You want the eyeshadow layer on top, otherwise you will get slightly different looks to the ones below.


As you can see from the image above, you can achieve a few different looks by using different Blush and Eyeshadow combinations.

Below you can see the separate files. The eyeshadows cover from the eye socket down to the bottom lid and have three channels. The blushes cover the upper half of the eye just below the brow and also have a blush. These also have three channels so, basically you end up with a 1-channel blush and a 5-channel eyeshadow.


Below are some more examples of colours.


I tried to darken the alpha around the eyelids so the eyeliners would work, they appear to be working ok. Whether or not that is because of the way I did the alpha or because of the way you layer the blush/eyeshadow I don’t know. Who cares really, as long as it works lol.

Ok I’m going to explain how to make these a little later, this took me all day so I can’t be buggered right now. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I will have a tutorial on combining alphas/masks for you so you can make your own multi channel makeup combos.


Full Set of Fierce Eyeshadows & Blushes - Mediafire /  4shared