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Terms of Use

Feel free to use my sims for personal use however you like. You may use my sims to model your creations on free sites but be sure to add credit so people know where to find them. You may use my sims in your videos and other projects as long as they are posted on freesites and are credited – you don’t have to ask but do let me know if you use them so I can check them out :)
Please don’t re-upload my sims to paysites.

You can package my makeup with your sims. Just remember to credit (and link back where possible). This goes doubly for the exchange – either credit or don’t upload.
If you want to use my alphas please ask permission.

A lot of time and effort went into making my skins so please do not alter them or use any part of them without permission. You can do whatever you want to it if it’s for your own personal use.
Please don’t upload to other sites without permission. If in doubt, just ask. :)

You can package my makeup, clothing & patterns with your sims/lots, just don’t upload them to paysites. If you are uploading your sims/lots to paysites I would prefer you remove the items before uploading – but you can take screenshots of it to your hearts content, just remember to credit and/or link.



!! Please do not upload any of my content to the exchange unless you are willing to take the time to credit me !!

Srsly I’m getting sick of seeing those threads where people share the sims they find that contain truckloads of content. Most of the content you are using is made by people who don’t charge you for it. The least you could do is respect their TOU’s.


You may share all of my creations on free sites. Just remember to credit me and link back to my site. This is mainly for non-english websites to make it easier for them to get my stuff. If you have an english website I would prefer you link to my blog as opposed to uploading my items on yours.