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I’m a ZOMBIE!!

Hey there, I’m LadyFrontbum and this is my Sims3 website. You can find all of my sims 3 sims and items here and download them for free! I hope you enjoy my creations. :)

I’ve added a section at the right where you can download the skins and replacement eyes I am currently using. It will save me linking to them every single time I post. The eyes are by aikea guinea and the skins are peggy’s. :)

Oh, and, in case you were wondering about my nickname, it’s the name of my character in the xbox game Rock Band. Our band is called Frontbottom so, naturally, I decided I should be Lady Frontbum ;)

I know, it’s weird, but my hubbie and I were sitting there for ages trying to think of a name for our band that was both humourous and allowed by the rockband censor. Frontbottom was all we could come up with that was allowed.
Then I got lazy when I was signing up to EA etc and couldn’t be bothered thinking of another nickname. :D

So there you have it!

xo LadyFrontbum
(ladyfrontbum at gmail dot com)

Way too many smileys on this page O_o

P.S. I’m not really a zombie.

I'm human for the most part.