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This page is going to be where I list all my favourite sims 3 websites. Eventually I’m going to organise them into categories for ease of viewing. Well, I will try to anyway :D

My Sims 3 Blog

Ok this is the definitive blog when it comes to keeping up to date with sims 3 content. I love this site.

Awesome site full of creators, creations, forums, tutorials etc. It’s your one-stop shop for simming stuff. There are some really amazing creators on mts.

Lemon Leaf’s Sim’s Creative Shop

Lemon Leaf makes some of my favourite lipstick for Sims 3. It’s glossy, matte, textured, smooth – you name it. Very high quality and for both males and females. Lemon also makes some interesting contact lenses, they tend to lean more to the anime side but some are quite pretty. There are some very nice chinese dresses on Lemon’s site but the makeup is the drawcard for me.


Sims World

Sims World is another of my favourite sites for lipstick. I went through a Plump Lipstick phase for a while there.



Subaxi makes some really fantastic eyeliner. One of my favourites is the plumed eyeliner, another is the one that looks like long lower lashes. Subaxi’s eyebrows are also some of my favourites. There are also some nice skins on the site which are available in both default and non-default versions.


Rose Sims

Rose has some great free hair. She also makes a lot of accessories and some clothing. Some of her stuff is crazy, I love it.


XM Sims

XM Sims also has some great hair. I use these quite a bit.


Aarin’s Spectacles

A bunch of cool creations, but my favourite has to be the LASHED eyelashes.



Anubis does some cool hair conversions and makes some great clothing and accessories. He is also lovely to boot!


Savio’s Stuff

I love Savio’s hair conversions and retextures. He converts some really great sims 2 hairs for us to use.


Kitty Klan

Holy shitballs, I can’t believe I forgot to put this on here til now. Robokitty’s softGLO is my favourite blush in the game and the replacement facial hairs rock. She also makes clothing, objects and stuff like eyebags.



I probably love about 1/2 of Peggy’s hairs. A lot of them are gappy and the textures are too dark to make decent blondes but some are quite lovely. I can’t stand a lot of the crazy anime hairs, though, especially the male ones.


Garden of Shadows

This is a community with forums and creations. The creations are more alternative, you won’t find your usual popular celeb sims here.

Club Crimsyn

Club Crimsyn is aikea guinea’s site. It’s full of her nifty creations, default replacements etc. She makes really edgy stuff that I love.

This is mariarita’s blog where she lists all the new creations she finds.

I love Helaene’s eyebrows, she makes some really good ones that look realistic.
Bloom’s Base requires registration but is entirely free. He makes some really cool meshes for your game. If you want your sims to be anatomically correct then this is the place to go. He also makes Sexy Feet!

Loverdag makes some really funky sims. If you like your sims to have a little edge or something oddly unique about them, this is the place to look.

This is tum tum’s blog. It’s awesome, he does hair conversions and other cool stuff. It’s also the home of the chin cleft slider.



If you like my sims then you will probably like Jenna’s. I think we have a very similar style when it comes to creating sims, which is probably why I like hers so much.