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Ayane (from Dead or Alive) & New Version Celebs (wip)

Here is Ayane from the Dead or Alive game series. Hope your brother likes her, Jamie.
I made a really, really crappy headband for her to wear. It’s really insanely crappy.

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Fit
Weight: Normal
Traits: Excitable, Charismatic, Athletic, Flirty, Ambitious

You will need some sliders in order for Ayane to look the same as she appears in the photos.
AwesomeMod (I have my Cas Sliders set to 3x)
Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders (Eye sliders, Jawline Width, Chin Width, Neck Height)
Jonha’s Sliders (Shoulders, Butt, Hips – these aren’t too important though)
Delphy’s Boob Sliders

Now that that is out of the way, here she is:


Download: 4shared mediafire
I’ve included both the .sim file and the simpack, you can use whichever you like.

(content has been stripped before uploading so you will need to add these yourself)
Glamour Brow by daluved1
Candy Crush Eyeshadow by me
Fruity Moisturizing Lipsgloss by Lemon (if the link doesn’t work it’s under Sims3 Downloads)
Nose Shaper by Man-V-
Cheongsam by Shep
Dress with Open Back by EA
Lingerie is by Liana, you will have to browse for it because I can’t give a direct link, sorry.
Swimwear is by Lorandia, you will have to browse for it because I can’t give a direct link, sorry.
Contacts by Rose (page 4 of the sims 3 makeup section)
Dodgy Headband by me (srsly it’s crap) or here
Hair is by Peggy

As usual I am using Skins by Peggy Links at the right as well.

Top – White
Middle – 190, 137, 133
Bottom – 166, 92, 137

255, 203, 194

207, 148, 144
240, 236, 236
236, 225, 211

157, 144, 167

Roots – 200, 172, 219
Base – 215, 171, 219
Highlights – 188, 176, 219
Tips – 207, 183, 226


As you may know I have been trying to redo some of my old celebs because they look old and boring. I’ve been working on Julia Roberts, Paris Hilton and Kelly Osbourne. I’ll post some before and afters so you can tell me if I should bother with them or just leave them as they are. Unfortunately all I have of the old ones at the moment are the cas shots so it’s not much to go by.

Julia Roberts (I’ve only done a little work on her)

Julia Roberts Old Version / New WIP Version

Then we have Paris Hilton (did a little work on her but I need to undroopify the eyes slightly)

Paris Hilton Old Version / New WIP Version

Finally we have Kelly Osbourne. Did a bit of work on this one because I was enjoying it.

Kelly Osbourne Old Version / New WIP Version

So what’s the verdict so far? Should I continue on my quest to update my old sims or should I give it up? :D

Edit: Bleh I think 4shared is down. I might upload all my files to mediafire as well tomorrow.

11 comments to Ayane (from Dead or Alive) & New Version Celebs (wip)

  • Continue!!!
    It’s really better! You said you’ve maid little work but it’s change.
    But you’re right, you need to undroopify Paris, lol!

  • Lol yeah she’s pretty droopified at the moment. :D Awesome. I shall continue in my quest. Thanks Aurelie. :)

  • Jamie

    Thank you very much, all of the sims look great as usual. :)

    P.S. I don’t think the headband is crappy, haha.

  • B

    Lilac is my favorite color, never thought to use that for hair. I love your color combinations and the way you put together clothes. Thanks for the color codes also.

  • Rhiannon

    Ayane is stunning. And your new version celebs…words fail me…fantastic doesn’t cover it. I can’t wait until you release them. I am so girl crushing over your work it’s embarrassing. ;-)

  • No worries Jamie. I hope your brother likes her. Hahaha the headband soooo is crappy. I just whipped it up to see what she’d look like with it then I figured, since the hair covers most of it, that I would upload it for her. Heh.

  • Thanks B! I’m glad you like my colour combos, sometimes I sit there for ages trying to figure out what looks good together. I’m a bit ocd about it.
    Rhiannon, thank you! Hahah that’s awesome you are girl crushing on my work. You just made my day with that comment. Lmao.

  • Act

    The original version of Julia Roberts is an incredibly likeness; I don’t think you need to touch it at all (the “after” doesn’t look like her at all anymore, IMO.) The new Kelly Osbourne is great, too.

  • Spacerox

    I think the Kelly Osbourne sim looks better in the after, but I like the before Julia a little better (something about the eyes and the brows). Still, beautiful sims.

  • Oh yeah the after julia is VERY rough. She looks a bit mannish right now :D I’ll play with her a little more later and post another wip and see what you think then. :)

  • Unavailableartist

    Geeze does LadyFrontbum still exist lol. I stumbled onto this wonderful place…. and come to find out half your comments and posts are from winter of last year!!!

    Do you still even play sims.
    Kelly Osborne needs hollower cheeks and you’ll have her down pat.

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