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Charlie Jensen

UPDATE 9th Feb:
Sorry guys, I linked to the wrong Everyday hair. It’s the same newsea hair but it’s a conversion by Savio, not elunaira. The link is now fixed.

Charlie Jensen is the work-in-progress of my Nina Dobrev sim from a while back. Several people wanted her so I figured I would upload her now seeing as I’ve hit a wall with Nina.

Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Normal
Weight: Normal
Traits: Computer Whiz, Good Sense Of Humor, Genius, Friendly, Handy

You will need some sliders in order for Charlie to look the same as she appears in the photos.
AwesomeMod (I have my Cas Sliders set to 3x)
Note: If you have installed s3z’s slider increase hack or other core mods you will have to remove it before installing AwesomeMod
Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders (Eye sliders, Jawline Width, Chin Width, Brow Thickness, Neck Height)
Jonha’s Sliders (Iirc I used the shoulder sliders – these aren’t too important though)

Now that that is out of the way, here she is:


Download: 4shared mediafire
I’ve included both the .sim file and the simpack, you can use whichever you like.

(content has been stripped before uploading so you will need to add these yourself)
Eyeliner by Subaxi
Glamour Brow by daluved1
Candy Crush Eyeshadow by me
Fruity Moisturizing Lipsgloss by Lemon (if the link doesn’t work it’s under Sims3 Downloads)
Soft Glo Blush by KittyKlan
Dress by RUSTYNAil (Under Female Clothing, Sims 3 Dresses)
Everyday Clothing is by 7hir7een
Sheer Bodysuit is by me (non-sheer is also available here)
Lingerie is by Lorandia, you will have to browse for it because I can’t give a direct link, sorry.
Everyday and Swim Hair is a Newsea hair converted by Savio
Athletic and Sleep Hair is a Raon hair converted by Anubis
Jewellery is by Rose
Earrings by Peggy
Formal Hair is by Peggy

As usual I am using Skins by Peggy and Multifoiled Eyes by aikea guinea. Links at the right as well.

Top – White
Middle – 166, 79, 78
Bottom – 231, 139, 125

Top – 242, 217, 189
Middle – 213, 174, 143
Bottom – 96, 18, 9

15 comments to Charlie Jensen

  • Ohh she’s gorgeous! Not a pudding at all! I don’t know how you do it, I am in awe. :D

  • mimi0302

    I love all your simmies thank you so much for sharing them with us !

  • jesse

    Hey. I love you’r sims, but unfortunetly havent had a chance to use any of them jet because i had to uninstall my sims 3 to get updates working and when i was reinstalling my dvd cracked. So while im waiting new copy to try out you’r wonderful sims i thought mabe you can tell me do you use some 3rd party texture thing also because whole body, head, legs … everything looks more detailed and with more dextures, or can it be only achived with those extra sliders??

    Thank you very much for your great work and i’ll be waiting for you’r reply! ;)

  • Hey jesse. I use my skins. You can get them in the genetics category at the left :) There is also a guide for installing them. :)

  • jesse


    Thanks for You’r answer, bum. But i cant deny the feeling that when i was compairing those pictures with You’r skins (wich are AWSOME!) thei didn’t quite look like it. The i saw (yeah, sorry, i know i shoulda seen them before :D ) that under custom content there was noted that u used skins by Peggy. So if it’s not too much to ask mabe u can tell me wich skins Charlie Jensen use, and if its ur’s, is it nice, naughty or busty.

    Thank You very much for You’r nice work and forgive me being so dumb :/

  • Oh yeah sorry my old sims were made using Peggy’s skins. Charlie used peggy’s. :) There are links to the cc on her page.

  • jesse


    I have a problem finding athletic and sleep hair. Anubis has moved to another site, and i just cant find the hair.

    Maybe U can help me?

    Thank You

  • jesse

    Found it allready

  • nero

    i love u. charlie jensen was very very gorgeous!!!!!!!!! im gigle just want to play with her…!!!!!! awsome!!!!

  • nero

    hi nice to meet u.

    i have try to install. but im cant. i dont know exactly how…

    i have base the sims 3 version 1.0.615..

    i dont know how to install awsome mod.

    but im not too noob. i already know how to put downloaded hair from peggyzone.

    so i have download awsome mod and put it at packages folder. but then my game doesnt loads…

    can u teach me 1 by 1 how to do it…..i really want to play charlie jensen sob..

  • nero

    now im struggle to update my the sims 1.0 to 1.8….

    i hope after this update i can play this gorgeous charlie jensen

  • Anthony

    Great looking sim! Is there any other way to have her look like this without Awesome mod? I’ve been trying to get it to work for hours on end and I’ve decided to give up it up. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

  • Anthony: You can probably use Twallan’s supercomputer and a mod that allows you to overslide the sliders. That said, if you have all her CC you shouldn’t need AM if you don’t touch her sliders in CAS… I think.

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