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Lace-Up Bodysuits (Requested Non-Sheer Version)

Here are the non-sheer bodysuits you guys wanted.

Same as the others in all respects apart from the fact I pulled the bum up a bit (turns out it made less of a change than I realised lol) and they aren’t sheer… obviously :D

The only problem with these non-sheer ones is that you can see the bump map if you look closely on the material. Sorry, but I have no idea how to remove bumpmaps yet. :/


Download: 4shared mediafire

Thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the floral lace design.

Totally unrelated, but my game is starting to load really slowly again. Looks like I will have to cull a lot of my CC soon. *shudder*

8 comments to Lace-Up Bodysuits (Requested Non-Sheer Version)

  • chadgraphix

    I love this. Definitely downloading.

    How are the nipple rings you were working on? LMAO. ;)

  • Lol. I haven’t had a chance yet. I actually came across some at the adult mts site last night that looked pretty decent. You should check them out. :D

  • Rez Delnava

    Oh no, don’t cull your CC! There is a way to shorten load times that works for most people I know that have tried it. Just use S3PE and merge as many mods as possible/needed into a single package. Usually, long load times are caused by the number of individual mods, not by the total amount of data there. So by making fewer packages, you can shorten load times. Just make sure you keep/backup all the individual package files in a place where the game wont read them. Also, many packages from Peggy (especially the hairs) don’t like to be edited, so you can’t merge them.

    Also, about the bumpmaps; changing them can be done with the tools you are already using, CTU and your .dds image editor. If you want to edit an existing bumpmap, then it has to be manually extracted using some voodoo from the meshes (I don’t think the bumpmaps are in any of the package files, and I can’t make CTU export a bumpmap). But if you want to overwrite a bumbmap with a blank one, or one you made yourself, then just use CTU. In the meshes tab there is a spot (scroll all the way to the bottom) to load a new bumpmap; in that same tab, you need to give a new mesh name and reload the meshes(just export them on the first tab in CTU, then reimport them in the same places).

    And here is a direct download link to a blank bumpmap:

    The above info is just my limited knowledge of the bumpmaps I gained from trolling around MTS, there is a thread here: if you need more info.

  • Ohhh bloody hell that was an awesome post. Thanks heaps Rez. I think I love you. <3
    I'll have a play tomorrow with bumpmaps and see if I can figure it all out and I will download S3PE and play about. I think I need to get that anyway because Delphy said I should be able to use it to add cas thumbs to files that don't already have them.

  • Lana

    What is a bump map? Now I am afraid to download this. I hope you can fix this soon! :)

  • Lana

    Also is there a non-sheer stripe version included in this one?

  • Lana the bumpmap is just what gives the clothing the 3d appearance, raised edging etc. You can see when you wear the bodysuit there is a line across the back where the edge of the original suit mesh was. I really should go change the bumpmap. I keep forgetting.

    The striped version comes with the swimsuits, :)

  • Sarah


    Good work btw.

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