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Work in Progress - More Sheer Nightwear & Updating

Ok well I’ve been working today on some more lingerie. I need to figure out how to use textures so that they recolour well. I still have no idea what I am doing half the bloody time.

Here are some sheer bodysuits I made earlier, they aren’t done yet, I’m not sure if I like them enough to be honest.

Let me know what you think anyway.

In other news it’s my birthday today. Woot. Pretty boring day really. My daughter was unwell last night and this morning, which was a bit sad. She’s feeling better now, as a result of her being unwell I am incredibly tired! You get that.

Oh I just updated my game. Omg. I hope nothing is broken. I’m going to try and install Awesome Mod. Wish me luck. Ack.

Edit: The update appears to have worked. Whew!

12 comments to Work in Progress – More Sheer Nightwear & Updating

  • Rez Delnava

    Happy birthday! I wish you the best for your day and I hope your daughter stays well too.

    Also, I love your sheers. These are just as good as the last, if not better (I especially like the one textured with the embossed gauze).

    And my I ask what version you got updated to? I just ran my launcher when I saw your post, but there’s no update available for me… yet, there’s still time for EA to ruin my day.

  • Thanks Rez :)
    I just updated to the latest patch, I’d been holding off for ages because of all the issues people were having but I figured it was time to bite the bullet because I wanted to install Awesome Mod :) Only problem now is that my sims run all the time so I can’t take nice screenshots of them. Is there a cheat to stop running?

  • Hello Hello, Happy birthday to you, that is very happy
    this day .. your little girl will be good yes.’ll be praying for
    improvements … and the clothes are wonderful. You make a beautiful
    work, thanks for sharing .. how to fix the game I
    did for me did not work, I had to disistalar ..
    Good Sunday to you …

  • Thank you mariarita :) Have a lovely day today!

  • SerenaBlondie

    Happy Birthday, glad ur little girl is feeling better. I know the feeling my 3 were ill all over xmas but we still managed to have goos time :D I love coming on your site there is something new everyday. Although some of the sims your making I have no idea who they are lol. Just a guess but I take it your American, I’m English so that probably why I dont have a clue who they are. :D

  • Thanks Serena. Sorry to hear your children were sick over xmas! I’m actually Australian :D Thanks for the kind words, I’m glad you love coming here. I try to get updates out as often as possible but sometimes real life intervenes :D

  • SerenaBlondie

    Yep real life can be a pain sometimes lol. Was actually wondering if I could make a request (but of course only if u have time or feel like doing it) I have been looking for an Josh Hartnett sim for ages but it seems he is no longer famous enough because no one has made one. I’ve had a crush on him since forever and would really like to play with… ah hem i mean play him :D

  • I’ll add him to my list of sims to try and let you know how he goes when I get around to him :)
    He’s the one with the squinty plain eyes, isn’t he? ;)

  • SerenaBlondie

    lol yeah suppose he does haha and thank you

  • Hehehe no worries :) He might be easy to do because of his strange eyes. Then again maybe not :D

  • bootz

    Happy Birthday! My oh my… I’m still breathless looking at these wonderful creations. Any chance doing this also in “hi-leg” or “hi-cut” versions for guys like us “leg men” who simply miss the days when women undies/swimsuits use to be more provocative and daring????

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes, bootz. :)
    I’m going to make a non-sheer version when I get a chance, if I have enough free time I will try editing the sheer ones for you. Thanks for the comments!

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