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Navel Piercing - Now a Male Version

Hey guys, I managed to get a little while on the pc today so I figured I would make the navel piercing male version as it was requested by a few people.


Download: 4shared mediafire

It’s basically the same as the female version, you can find it under the sock accessory slot. I suggest recolouring it to a light grey shade for best results but other shades will work too :)

28 comments to Navel Piercing – Now a Male Version

  • Melissa

    Looks good! Also, is the model available to download as well? Thanks.

  • Thanks Melissa :) He will be, soonish. He’s one of my wip Vampire Diaries characters.

  • Molly

    Who is that guy? He looks a bit similarish to drew fuller. Is it possible you can make male nipple rings too on both nips? Male navel piercing is just not right in my opinion.

  • That’s my Ian Somerhalder. He’s a work in progress. :) I’m actually working on some female nipple piercings, maybe I will make male ones first. :)

  • Molly

    I knew I saw him before! lol! wow! your kinky! are you going to make genital piercings next? lmfao!

  • Rofl. Maybe. Lol, no I doubt it. I have no idea how I would post screenies of that without offending half the population hahaha. I think one of those star style studs for the nipple would look cool. I have to find an image I can resize without losing too much quality and 3d-appearance (since I can’t mesh). It’s a pain in the bum but i’ll find something. Otherwise I’ll just do a plain nipple stud.

  • Isa

    Hi! I fell in love with your handsome Sim! He looks like a friend of mine! Will you turn him available to download yet? :D I’s love it! Hey! And this site is awesome!!!

  • Hi Isa! Thanks for the comments on my sim. He’s my Ian Somerhalder, part of my vamp diaries set. He’s almost finished and will be up for download in the not-too-distant future :)
    You are lucky having a friend who looks like that!! O_o ;)

  • Kokoisimo

    AMAIZING!!!! I download it right now! Thankk you soo much XOXO

  • molly

    I think I saw your sim at TSR, is this what nipple rings you mean? There are also other styles in there.
    btw, your female navel ring comes with a red pedicure, is the color changeable? I was worried my sims wont have pedis if they have navel rings, but i saw they have red toe nails.

  • Ooh thanks for that link Molly, it might come in handy later :)
    I think the red pedicure is just a standard sims 3 thing when you take their socks off. I’m not sure how you change the colour of the pedicure, to be honest. I know you can do it because I’ve seen people have toenail custom content. I’ll have to look into it. lilisims has a painted toe accessory here in the meantime :)

  • isarpgista

    Hi! I’m back! :)
    Always when I have a little time, I come here to see if he’s available! :D
    LadyFrontbum, what is the link for your Vampire Diaries?
    I’d like to read it! :)

  • isarpgista

    “Omg I tell you what, all the sims in my simbin in cas really shit me at the moment. All of them. I think perhaps I should just finish Paris v2 and start a new sim and take a break from these ones I am trying to get right.

    I think the thing that is annoying me about a lot of them is that I cannot get any of their noses right because of the limitations of bloody cas. I just can’t get their nostrils right and I don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to make facemasks. Bah.

    I really want to finish my Ian Somerhalder. He’s so hot right now.

    Oh well.

    Anyhoo. I played around a tiny bit with my Dean and Sam and Ian. I didn’t do much because my computer was overheating while I was playing and, for some strange reason, telling it to ’shut up’ wasn’t working.”
    Ooooooooooh, please!!! Don’t give up Ian!!! And don’t use facemasks, please!
    He’s sooooooooooo handsome!!! You’re very talented makin’ these great Sims!
    And I love Ian’s face, his nose is beautiful! :)

  • Oh thanks isarpgista :) I will keep working on him because I really do want to finish him. I might try getting a screencap from the latest episodes, I think it will help more than the photos I’ve been using.

  • radiogaga

    So, you ever gonna upload Ian? You can’t just keep him to yourself. :P

  • HAHAH. Yes I promise I will work on him as soon as my skin is up :D

  • radiogaga

    lol, cant wait! I’m playing again for the first time in four months (WA messed up everything so bad and I stopped) and I can’t wait to use him in my new family. Hes gonna be that guy who only works part time jobs, stares at the mirror all day to practice his charisma and gets his neighbors pregnant.

  • HAHAHA he sounds awesome. ;D

  • radiogaga

    Is he done yet is he done yet is he done yet is he done yet? Sorry, just stopping by. I feel like such a stalker… *puts away Twilight and the printed copy of Midnight Sun in disgust*

  • Lol not yet. I was thinking I might take a screencap of his face from a vampire diaries ep because I reckon it would be easier to copy than the google images.

  • isarpgista

    Hiiiiii, Lady! I’m back! :D Well, could I use your Ian in my TS3 story called “Likeyos”? It’s in . That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. :) Buuuuut… If you agree, I really like you to make him without using masks or CAS mods, pleeeeeease? :D It could be a great honor to have him in my story! :D

  • Hey isa, wb :)

    You can use my current Ian if you like, but he has been made using cas mods, sorry. I don’t think I could make Ian Somerhalder without them, to be honest, he is proving quite difficult to make. Without the cas mods he would probably look like crap hehe.

  • Eline

    Wauw! I like it.
    And I like the model.

    xx Eline from the Netherlands.

  • Katt

    I just wanted to let you know I love your items — truly marvelous and beautiful in-game.
    I was also wondering if you’ve made male nipple piercings? I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found any.


  • Sorry Katt but I didn’t. I think someone did, though.

  • Leather Corset

    I don’t know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering issues with your site. It appears like some of the written text in your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This may be a problem with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen before. Appreciate it

  • Leah

    Hi, LadyFrontbum. I love your designs, they are beautiful but I’m having problems with this download. It says you deleted the bellybutton piercing.

    Still Love your designs

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