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S3Z’s Increased Slider Limit Hack / Jonha’s SliderHack

Ok so s3z made a cool hack for increasing the amount of sliders allowed in the game. Thing is, I’ve only just realised there are a couple of versions available. I’m going to have to ask him if he has a page I can point to for the hack instead of just hotlinking, but anyway I thought I would make a page on here so people can find the mod easily when they download my sims.

S3Z’ Increased Slider Limit for 1.7.9
He posted about it at MTS here

S3Z’s Increased Slider Limit (older version)
He posted about it at MTS here

That’s the extent of my knowledge on the hack. If it’s not working for you when you download my sims, you could also try Awesome Mod. I believe it has an increased slider limit option as well.

Jonha also has a sliderhack for people using TS3 v1.8 or WA v2.3
You can find it here with his 10 sliders

17 comments to S3Z’s Increased Slider Limit Hack / Jonha’s SliderHack

  • Jay

    I must say your absolutely brilliant,im great fan of your work,i always wondered how do you extract photos of sims so well! i tried taking them from CAS and also from screen shots, but did not turned out no where near your,please give me some suggetion:)and keep up the exellent work.
    pardon me for my bad English, its my second language:)

  • Thanks Jay! I actually made a small rectangular house in my town that has white walls and floor and covered the ceiling in those flat fluorescent lights. I added a big mirror so I could take posey shots and a dresser to change their outfits. Then I just take my sim into the game, purchase the house, take photos then exit without saving. :)
    I might make a post about it one day.

  • Sandro

    Hey ;) I have a couple of questions.

    1)Will it work properly with the newer versions of the game?
    2)Is this: ( ;) a newer version of this mod or just another slider hack by the same author?

  • Hi Sandro. :)

    1. I am not sure, I haven’t been using s3Z’z slider hack since I started using Awesomemod. You’d have to ask him on mts or scour those boards for any updates he may have posted. I’m not sure if s3z ever actually published his max increase hacks on mts properly. I only ever found them by reading related threads.
    2. The Jonha max slider hack is entirely separate to S3Z’s one. Jonha made all those awesome new sliders so, in order for them to work properly, he also made a max slider increase mod. It’s on the download section of that page. I assume he keeps it up to date, since it’s required in order to use his 10 sliders. :)

  • latina

    If I have Awesomemod do i need the imited slider hacker because the limited one makes my game load up for like centuries. I had installed the limited hacker slide and when i tried to enter my game the first loading page took for ever and would not load up.

  • latina

    My sims3 game is updated.I think that’s the problem. My game is like way behond these versions.

  • Yeah, the updating may have been the issue. AwesomeMod has an increased limit hack in it so you don’t need another. Plus AwesomeMod is a core mod, so are those slider limit hacks iirc, and you can only have one core mod installed at a time. So stick with one or the other.

  • Jaicee Bowman

    i am trying to download and it keeps going to a page that says no cookies found! PLZ help!! i really want this slider thing how do i fix the cookie thing??

  • Which one are you downloading Jaicee?

  • Ilektra

    Hi LadyFrontbum!Could you please help me with my problem?I’ve downloaded Jonha’s SliderHack and when the beginning video of the game ends the game shuts down :( . I don’t know what to do and I desperately need this mod(or another that removes the slider limit)…

  • Ilektra, maybe try awesomemod or twallans supercomputer may have an increase hack now.
    If you are having issues with jonha’s hack you should go post on his sliders thread on mts, which is where the download is located. :)

  • Ilektra

    I don’t know where to post my suggestion so I posted it here:Could you upload this japanise geisha from lemonleaf?(the first one).I couldn’t find the site e-mail to ask them because I don’t know chinese/japanise..Thanks in advance.

  • John

    before i installed this mod my game worked fine. but i needed a mod so i could have more sliders. so i installed this and when i start the game up it just closes out just before the loading screen that goes to the choose a family thing and im to afraid to just delete the mod from the package folder cuz im afraid its just ganna break the game or my computer. little help?

  • Just remove it. That’s the beauty of package files. If one stuffs up your game, just remove it.

    You’ll have to try another. Did you use s3z’s or jonha’s? Try jonha’s.

  • aiser

    hello ladyfrontbum i actually lovedwhat you did of hacks and everything your the best >>>>>but how many hacks can i put in my game i know its limited but i need the more >>>>>thanks >>>>sorry about the spelling im arabian>>> bye

  • aiser

    your the best lady frontbum i download every think u creat because your really talented

  • aiser

    hello ladyfrontbum is this works with generations update patch …… thanks

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