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Vampire Diaries WIP

Been working on my Vamp Diaries characters. They aren’t anywhere near finished but here they are:  (you can find damon a couple of posts down)

Stefan Salvatore wearing an old man jumper

Elena Gilbert. This is only the first draft, heaps of work to be done.

Elena Gilbert. This is just the first draft so there's heaps of work still to be done.

Damon Salvatore Wip photo 3

I think Damon’s eyes need to be even closer. Elena still needs a LOT of work. I think Stefan is almost there, though. He has such a weird nose, I don’t think I’m going to be able to capture it with CAS. Oh well.

8 comments to Vampire Diaries WIP

  • I only watched the first show, so I don’t remember what the others look like, but I recognized Ian right away:)

  • Oh man, thank you SO much for this comment. Ian is the one I want to get right and the one I feel like I can’t bloody get right so I am so happy you said that! :D Still a lot of work to do on them but hopefully they won’t take too much longer.

  • I keep hoping to see these published, but alas they are still WIP. I think you are doing an admirable job — far better than I could. As for Ian/Damon, I was surprised at how like it looks considering so much of how I remember him is wrapped up in his expressions. Good luck with Stephan — his bone structure does not lend itself well to Sims, no matter how good the artist is…

  • Yeah they are quite difficult, it’s why they are taking so long. You are right about Stefan, he has very odd features. Hopefully I can get these done soon now that my family isn’t visiting anymore. Sorry about the wait :)

  • Rocco

    Omg! Those sims are beautiful though! Well if your not ready to release them yet then that’s cool, but they’re beautiful!

  • Rocco

    May I please download Elena, really its perfect

  • How download this skins?

  • Olivia

    How do i download it?

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