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Kim Kardashian... take 18327628^3

Holy poop. I can’t seem to get her right.

Should I publish her with this face? What is wrong with her? Ack. I need to find some blush that covers the cheekbones better but I’m using KittyKlan’s soft glo or hi def blush here, which looks quite cool.

At any rate, I think I damaged her. Did I? Maybe I should publish her as Kim Kardashian Gone Wrong ;)


Maybe she’s a Kim Kardashinot?

13 comments to Kim Kardashian… take 18327628^3

  • Jessica

    I think you should go ahead and post her, she at least favors Kim. Some of the Kim Sims I have seen are horrible. Could you post the haircolor numbers you used on Veronica? Thanks!

  • Sure, I’ll just grab them for you in a moment. I may end up posting her as she is, Kim I mean, I just can’t seem to get her right. I’ll give her another day, though, maybe tomorrow I can fix her. :)

  • Jen

    Is there any way you can tilt her features? Her face looks kind of flat, Kim’s is more angled; if you can make her eyebrows and eyes slant a bit, I think she’ll look a bit more like Kim.

  • Oh the flatness might be the soft glo blush. I’ll have a play with her again later. What do you mean by slanting her brows and eyes? Which way? :)

  • Here are those colours, from the top circle to the bottom – 250, 244, 230 / 123, 88, 71 / 165, 117, 100 / 255, 167, 143 :)

  • KittenBoob

    Thin out her top lip some. Idk what else.

  • Will do. Cheers KittenBoob :)
    I actually have an updated shot of her i have to post. Hopefully I’ll get it up tonight.


    I think you did a amazing job! I appreicate all your hard work and effort. Thank you again. Cinnamon

  • Evita

    i would like her to be published. (:
    she looks really good & i can’t find another good kim sim.

  • Jen

    Try tilting her eyes up a bit, maybe? It might not even be her eyes, the eyebrows are kind of thin; I’m Armenian like Kim, they don’t make our eyebrows that thin XD

    I’m looking at a pic of her now and while you can definitely tell it’s her, the more I look at it the more I think her face is too round, even though the dumb Sim face settings don’t really allow for much with the face shapes :(

  • Thanks for the comments everyone. :)
    I had a look at some photos of her last night and my latest screenshots on my laptop and have a few things I need to do to her face. I definitely need new brows, Jen, it’s just a matter of finding some nice ones that don’t look like they were drawn on with a thick marker :D If I get a moment I will play with her face a little more today and keep you posted.

  • Jessica

    Thank you for the colors!

  • Ashlie

    i know im late and youve already made another kim, which i have thank you by the way but i think its her forhead same as the newest one to much forhead.

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