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Kim Kardashian Take 3 (wip)

Zomg Kim is shitting me. What the heck colour is her skin supposed to be?

Does she even look like Kim? Having major issues figuring out what is off.

I think her chin needs to come up and her lips need to come up a bit.

4 comments to Kim Kardashian Take 3 (wip)

  • Nicole

    hello! i was just wondering, i know this doesnt have to do with your creations (love them btw) how do you get pictures of your sims on the exchenge instead of just the person a picture like you do with your sims and you write their name and your username. you can email me at Thanks!


    Wow! She is so beautiful! Your amazing and so talented! I think It looks like Kim. I think her skin tone on TV kinda lite looking which makes the black hair look more striking with the dark eyes. She looks awesome and beautiful! I can’t thank you enough! Cinnamon

  • I’ll reply to this here in case anyone else is wondering but will also email you. If you check my website, at the right in the “Useful Sim Tools” menu there is a link to the upload image changer by zinda. It’s very easy to use, just follow the instructions. :)

  • Cheers Cinnamon, I will keep her skin lightish then! I will see if I can tweak her anymore the next chance I get and then if I can’t make her any more Kim-Like I will upload her. :)

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