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Kim Kardashian - Work in Progress

I’m working on a Kim Kardashian. I’m putting off Emmett for a bit because he’s proving troublesome.

Here’s Kim so far:

Kim – work in progress

Not sure whether to do dark hair or light hair Kim. I need to fix her face a bit. It’s insane how different sims look in-game to in CAS. Makes editing them tedious, having to go in-game and out constantly. Poop.

Her butt is big… in case you were wondering.



Ok here’s the second take. I had to narrow her eyes and lower the scale a little and fiddle with her jaw. I changed her hair to dark so you could see the difference.
I think I need to find some new eyebrows for her and I don’t think I will be able to make her nose perfect since she has a pointed tip and her nostrils are shaped like a humans… something that CAS is, sadly, lacking. ;)

Kim take 2

Ok, so does it actually look like Kim or not? Should I keep going? What colour skin should I give her? The woman is a chameleon.
I also need new hair. LAME. *puts on her CC hunting overalls and plods off*

4 comments to Kim Kardashian – Work in Progress


    Oh, keep going please! Big hugs and many, many Thank yous! OH, I almost forgot black hair for sure. Your making Kim Kardashian! Yahooooooooo! I am the happiest Simmer alive! I am so excited I can’t stand it! You are so awesome! Cinnamon


    I forgot Kim Kardashian has her own website. ( Hey, there was a real good picture of her face on their wearing a black hat with a white back ground. I don’t know if this will help you, but I thought I would give it a try. I tryed to copy and paste the pictures for you off her site, but for some reason it would not let me? If you need any help from me let me know. And many,many hugs and thank yous! I really appreicate this alot. Cinnamon

  • KittenBoob

    She’s very pretty. She resembles Kim slightly.

  • Cheers Cinnamon! I’ll see if I can find that photo today :) I’ll go with black hair as well.
    Thanks KittenBoob. Nice nickname :D

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