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To Do List

Currently I am working on a few sims. I have Emmett from Twilight, Tricia Helfer from Battlestar Galactica and Christina Ricci in my sim bin and I also want to redo my Vampire Diaries sims. I don’t think I uploaded them here when I made my site because they sucked. ;) Christina is proving suprisingly difficult so I’m not sure if she will get done.

Other sims I plan on making are Victoria from Twilight and some more Disney princesses. The Disney sims are a bit of fun after slaving over the celeb sims. I want to make some more generic sims, especially some spunky males. I might make a couple of geeks too. Gotta love a handsome geek.

Oh I also need to make a Peter Pan to go with those Disney Fairies I made ages ago. I sort of hate them now. Tink is kinda fugly. Lol I might redo her. Those lips are shocking.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I hope you had a great new years (forgot to mention this earlier!)


4 comments to To Do List

  • Caprisim

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your Emmett sim (I have the biggest crush on Kellan Lutz) and Vampire Diaries sims. But until then, I need to make a self-sim so I can be ready–my selfie is going to be a lucky sim! ;-)

  • Hahaha well hopefully I get him done soon so your self sim doesn’t have to wait too long ;)


    If you could, I would greatly appreicate it if you made Kim Kardashian. I used her all the time when I played the sims2. She was my favorite sims. I really miss her alot in the sims3 game. Out of all the celebrity’s I wish I looked like her. I had downloaded one off of TheSimsResource and Justsims2 when I was playing the sims2. I think the one off TheSimsResource was better one. No hurry, I would just love to see her again in the Sims3 game. I will wait for ever just have her again in Sims3. To me she was really special. Thank you, Cinnamon

  • Hi there! Kim is actually on my list of sims to try and make. I tried her back when I first got the game but the limitations of cas made it impossible. Hopefully, now that people have created cas sliders, it can be done. :D

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