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Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart)

Ok so I finally made Bella Swan for my Twilight set. I keep forgetting to finish the Mulan sim that is in my sim bin. I will do her next.

I’m waffling, as usual. Bella was a right pain in the arse to make. Thankfully she looks better ingame than she does in cas. She looks pretty godawful in cas actually, hence the lack of cas shots. ;)

I used bella3lek4′s facial sliders on Bella so you will need to grab them, they are in the right menu (specifically the Eye Width, Eye Length, Eye Stretch and the chin and jaw ones). You will probably also need to download the hack that allows you to raise the max slider limit of the game. If you don’t get these, Bella’s eyes, jaw and chin won’t look right.

Now that that is out of the way, onto the photos:


Download: 4shared

Note: If you want her to appear as she does in the photos you will need to download and install all of the custom content I have listed in her photos. The most important thing, though, are those sliders I mentioned earlier. Her eyes will look crap without them. It’s up to you whether or not you use the freckles and what colour eyes you give her.
The Plump Lipstick is by sims world (channy & vivin) and can be found here

Her lip colour is white, white and (168, 74, 77) (the palette colours from the top circle to the bottom one) If you prefer the colour in the photo of her with vampire eyes, then just make the third shade slightly paler and desaturated.

The formal hair is here, sorry it’s a paid hair. You don’t really need it though.

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