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Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed)

Here is my Rosalie from Twilight. Sorry I used so much paid content on this sim, I didn’t realise at the time that most of it was paid. I’m sure you can find free items that are similar though :)

Rosalie Hale / Nikki Reed

Rosalie Hale / Nikki Reed

Download: 4shared

Huge thanks to Custom Artists whose creations are seen in the pics!
Skin and Hair by Peggy
Multifoiled eyes by aikea guinea at MTS
Shoulder Butt, Hip Sliders by Jonha at MTS
Delphy’s Breast Slider at MTS
Sweetcheeks Blush and Matte Lippy by simseviyo at TSR
Glamorous Shadow by ssassa at TSR
Long Nails by NJSim at TSR
Beauty Marks by me!
Check photos for clothing!

9 comments to Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed)

  • WOW! She looks fantastic! I mean, really fantastic! I can’t believe how much she looks like the film character! I’m in awe. You did an amazing job! :D

  • Thank you so much! I was pretty pleased with how well Rosalie turned out actually. It’s just a shame I used so many paid items on her without realising! Oh well. :)

  • Alice

    The Rosalie Hale sim is great.I’m a huge twilight fan!

    I tried to download it but in the ‘Creat a Sim’ mode the hair,clothes and other features didn’t show up.Exactly the same thing happened with Jasper,when I downloaded him!

    Is there any way you could help?

    Thanks so much,

  • Thanks Alice. She was made a looong time ago, back when I was still uploading to the exchange and tsr. Because a lot of the free artists whose custom content I use don’t want their stuff shared on paysites I used to strip the content before uploading.
    I’ve listed all the custom content under her pics, I just don’t have links for the older stuff. :)

  • Lauren

    Hiya shes amazing but you missed out Kellan?? Can you make him… Oooh and hayley williams!! Please.. xx

  • HarGud36

    Hi LadyFrontbum,

    i have the same problem with the Hair, i doesn’t find on

    Can you help me again, please?

    Greetings Harald

    I’m German

  • Sofie

    Wow, that is the best Rosalie sim I’ve ever seen O.o She looks so much like her.

  • Alex096

    AWESOME! thank you so much, you are amazing :)

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