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Supernatural: Dean and Sam Winchester

These are my winchester boys. I have two versions so first up I’ll put the newer version. I tried uploading them to MTS but they were rejected so there will probably be a version 3 coming in the not-too-distant future. I just have to make some time to screw around with them some more. I find the more time I spend on a sim, the harder they get to perfect.

Sam’s Traits: Friendly, Brave, Bookworm, Athletic, Computer Whiz
Dean’s Traits: Handy, Good Sense Of Humor, Flirty, Great Kisser, Good

The Winchester Boys
The Winchester Boys

Download Sam: 4shared

Download Dean: 4shared

Trenchcoat and Dean’s Hair are by EsmeraldaF at MTS
I’m pretty sure I used bella3lek4′s chin width slider on these guys so you may need to download it.

24 comments to Supernatural: Dean and Sam Winchester v2

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I love Supernatural, it’s on tonight! You made them so well, Kudos to you!

  • OMG, Theses are so great♥…I am such a fan!!!!:D Great job and thank you so very much. Lady, could you tell me how to get Sammy’s face to look like the other Sam that you made?

  • Thanks guys. What do you mean Cori? Make his face look like which Sam?

  • Like the version 1 of him. Oh, I ♥ how you did their muscles and abs(or am I dreaming?)

  • Their muscles are just Peggy’s skins.
    You can just download v1 if you prefer that better :)

  • Thanks!!!:D I downloaded them both so, I have double Winchesters!!!!♥♥♥♥

  • SPN_Pudding!

    Well, this is sad. I’ve been on this site lots of times and I never noticed them! YAY! *Grabs them and runs*

    *Comes back*
    We need Cas too though…

    Pssh, ah well, I got the boys!

  • Lol. Yeah I wanna do cas one day. I’m scared of doing the guys I like cos i don’t think i will be able to do them justice. *shakes a fist*

  • SPN_Pudding!

    Nah, don’t worry! You did really good with these two!

    The most I did to them were a few edits, all on Sam (but nothing really major). It was mainly me using Delphy’s height slider and screwing around with the shoulder sliders so he looked human and was also still taller then Dean. And I used a Ambitions hair (I am EVIL for using EA hair) on him to get the hair closer to correct, but it looks Season 1 status because it has bangs on it.

    Do Cas! You have talent!

  • helps

    Hiya. I have troubles with installing those. How do I get files SIM into game? I have Sims 2,tho. Is it gonna work? Could u tell me how? You’ve made a great job. Kudos to you!

  • No sorry, these are only for sims 3.

  • Sissa

    I love love LOVE them! This is my favorite show and these are the only ones Ive seen that actually to them justice. Thank you!!!

  • Destiny

    I am a huge fan of Supernatural and just LOVE them! I’ve looked all over but couldn’t find them and these are the first that actually look like them! Thank you so much!

  • Pokelon

    Hi! I really love your newest version of Sam & Dean, and I would love to get them in my game. But I can’t get them to work. They download perfectly well. I can see them in my EA Download, but I can’t see them in my game nowhere (I also looked in the CAS)? I think I downloaded all the necessary mod’s. What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot in advance if you’re able to help me. I hate being stuck like this..
    Have a good day! Pokelon

  • You have to find them in premade sims in CAS. They are under Adult i believe.

  • Pokelon

    Thanks Lady, but I looked in the CAS, they’re not there? :(
    I already tried to uninstall and install them lots of times, what is really mandatory to see them you think (mods)? Thanks again.

  • Pokelon

    Cool, I don’t know why but they work!! I’m happy. :-D I just don’t have Dean’s hair? Where did you get it? Thanks again!

  • Pokelon

    Pfft, sorry, just saw your note. It’s already late here in France….good excuse maybe? Haha!

  • Kaywillow79

    *giggles* Dean is delicious! I was randomly flicking through the tv last year and stumbled upon this series and was hooked on the eye candy. So I think it’s wonderfully poetic that I was flicking through random sims3 sites and came across this gem and I must give you my sincerest thanks for helping me continue my eye-candy addiction via sims3, lol! They’re fantastic hon!

  • Kaywillow – Thanks. I love my supernatural boys <3

  • Lissie

    ooooh thank you!!!!been looking for sims3 versions of these boys :D and they are gorgeous!! You’re extremely talented :)

  • Camm

    Just wanted to say out of all the Dean Winchester’s & Jensen Ackles I have seen yours in THE BEST! Looks more like him then all the others…Thanks so much!

  • Niki

    Hey, they really look like Sam and Dean!!! *-*

    I have a question, because they don’t look like as in the pictures. I’ve downloaded the sliders but they look very weird. I need help, I want them so much :(

    (sry for my bad english!!! :( )

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