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Oh hai.

Been a while.

Just thought I would pop on and approve all your comments! Hopefully if any of them are still relevant someone can help ya’ll. I wouldn’t have a clue what’s going on in the sim world lately so I’m not gonna be much help with your questions. I don’t even know if half my creations still work.

So, yeah, I’ve been busy with my kidlings. Eli is now 6mths old. Crazy. Thanks for all the well-wishes regarding his birth etc, you guys rock.

One day I hope to get back into the simming world but for now I’m stuck being a parent. Boo. Lol.

Anyhoo, stay well. xo

PS I got an email telling me that one of my 4shared links was reported as being abusive or some bullshit. Not sure which one it is. Gotta try and remember my 4shared password so I can check. Lol.

15 comments to Oh hai.

  • O HAI

    I’m happy things are going well with your kids! We miss you. D:

    Hope to see you back soon. :)

  • Simstatic

    Great that things are going well with you an to hear that eventually you will be back. However in the meanwhile enjoy every moment with your children.


  • Nicole

    I can’t wait till you come back! I miss your creations, but I’m very happy for you :)

  • Missa Jae

    YOU! We misses you!!!

    How’s baby?!

    (We haz pets, you know you want a unicorn! :P aka come back!! :D )

  • Heather

    Hi~~ I was wondering where I could put suggestions of a Celebrity Sim you could make…?

  • Lasslim

    I missed your blog T_T

  • Omfg. I wish I had time to play. Damn it.

    Baby is good, he’s 11mths now, I might post a photo later :)

  • Nicole

    I can’t wait till you get back!! I miss your work so much. But I’m so happy for you!!

  • Nadia

    Happy belated birthday to Eli. :P
    The Sims community misses you.

  • TigeressKitten

    I so miss you! Especially now that Supernatural is coming out! I know I’m going to need a replacement for the ugly werewolf fur and your skins and stuff are so beautiful! Glad that things with your baby are good though.

    PS- I use a lot of your skins and their perfectly fine for me.

  • I was wondering if I could upload the freckles I made I used a small of your textures from your Freckled creation.If I did upload I will give you credit for your textures and a massive thank you! But if no that’s fine I really hope you reply :)

  • L.

    Dear Ladyfrontbum,

    I’m a HUGE fan of your work and I hope everything is going great with your kids. I’m kinda sim retarded and was hoping you could give me a helping hand with something, I was wondering how you get bodies to work? And how if they are non-default do you find them in CAS so you can use it? I’ve downloaded bodies but I have no clue how to use them, same with faces. :/ YIKES, eh?

    Could you possibly tell me how to access the faces and the modded bodies?



    P.S. Your work is AMAZING, COME BACK TO THE SIMMING WORLD!! When you have time of course, I have a three.. gonna be four on Saturday son so I know what it is like having wee ones.

  • Yep sure, just credit :)
    Thanks for asking.

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