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Hey, thanks for all the comments everyone. Sorry I haven’t been replying, I actually couldn’t get into my admin panel until moments ago due to some stupid goddamned haxor so I was unable to reply to any comments you had sent. Lol.

I’m due to give birth on saturday, unless the baby overcooks like Ava did so i am just sitting around at the moment waiting, waiting, waiting.

Glad you guys are still enjoying my stuff and I hope you are all well.

xox lfb

17 comments to Yo.

  • Maya

    Good luck with it! Hope birth all goes smoothly… x

  • You got hacked too? Sorry to hear, and hope you’ve got it all sorted now! Good luck with the baby. xx

  • Unavailableartist

    Ah! nvm. I finally saw something more recent I guess lol. finally work out how your website’s organized!!!

  • Hope everything went well with BabyFrontbum! Seeing as this was posted a while ago, is the baby still being “over cooked”? ;) I sincerly wish you all the best :) Cant wait till you can back into the community!

  • Shiki

    Eek! Congratulations~!!

  • I was going to say good luck but then I realized that this post is like a month old :P I hope you and the baby are well :)

  • Naww. Obviously new bubs is here, so you’re probably run off your feet and buggered as all heck. Hope the birth went well and I hope the new baby sleeps through the night already, haha.

  • AJBeals

    Hi Lady F! I know it’s late, but just wanted to say good luck with your new baby :)

  • Well hi there, Ms. Mommy-person! I’ve enjoyed your work for a while now so it’s about time I wrote. You probably won’t get this until way later. But I wanted to wish you abundant amounts of joy and positivity with your new bundle of joy! I hope it’s been nothing but insanely wonderful!

    I read your post from December, I think it was, where you were talking about having your creativity leeched out. I can totally understand that. It’s been 22 years since I was pregnant with my Runt-Runt (he’s 6’2 so it’s a purposefully ironic nickname), but I was so incredibly sick for the first 7 months. Seriously, I was in the emergency room numerous times for severe dehydration due to not being able to keep anything down, not even ice. And it was not “morning” sickness. It was all day and night sickness. Definitely awful. But other than the incredible sickness, I did love my pregnancy.

    Anyway, I saw you mentioned that you make jewelry, when you’ve got the motivation. What kind of jewelry? Do you have pictures up somewhere? I’d love to see your work. I bring this up because I make jewelry. I’ve made it for about 8 years or so now. I mostly work with sterling silver wire, and glass and crystal beads.

    If you’re interested, here’s my gallery of work. Let me know what you think. Feel free to email me privately when you get this if you do want to discuss jewelry. I have a horrible memory and I might forget to come back here to check this post. o.O Here’s the URL:

    Peace and Harmony to you and your loved ones! =)


  • Интересно)

  • I hope you have a safe delivery. :D

  • Simstatic

    Hi LFB, congrats with the baby and I hope all is well.

    We miss you. Are you ever coming back?

    Enjoy every minute with your baby, they grow up so fast it’s scary.

  • I hope everything is going well!
    Are you going to be coming back anytime soon?
    I sure hope so, you had such great work!

  • Heaven

    I hope you and the baby are doing well. I agree, everyone misses you, including my female sims who keep giving dirty looks to their male counterparts who are not “LFBed”.

  • Lol Heaven. Thanks, I miss all you guys too. Sucks being busy. Lots of crap going on for me lately. I will have to update soon.

  • Thanks Skyelar, everything is ok-ish at the moment. Probably won’t be back anytime soon unfortunately as I am very busy with the bub and sorting out some other aspects of my life. Maybe one day. :)

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