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Oh... did I leave this thing on?

Heh just kidding. ;)

I thought I should pop in and say hi and explain my absence. Back before I fell pregnant with Ava I used to paint wargaming miniatures for a meagre living, it was more of a hobby than anything. Anyway when I fell pregnant I totally lost all motivation and desire to paint or do anything even slightly creative. It sucked. After she was born I took up jewellery making and dabbled in sculpting but it was too difficult with a baby/toddler to take care of so I gave those up as well. The sims was pretty much the only ‘creative’ thing I could do while she sat on my lap during the ‘quiet’ moments.

You’ve probably figured out where this is going by now. Cut to today,  I am 24 weeks pregnant and it’s happened all over again. All creative juices have been sapped and are currently making their way to my placenta… or somewhere else elusive. As a result I haven’t touched my sims 3 cd in months – I actually bought Ambitions, installed it then never played it. Heh.

I also have some family stuff happening at the moment that is preoccupying me and taking precedence over pretty much everything else in my life, which sucks but you get that.

Anyhoo, I will try to make more of an effort to get on here occasionally to sift through comments and answer questions – if I know the answer to them. I’m not up to speed with the latest patches/games etc so I may not be able to help much.

Sorry I haven’t been around. I hope you are all doing well and your lives are going a little more smoothly than mine is right now ;)

I will leave you with a photo I’ve entitled “Gigantic Peen”

Gigantic Peen

LFB <3

P.S. Thanks for the email, Lynne xox

27 comments to Oh… did I leave this thing on?

  • Milady! Glad to hear from you!
    Yay for new family member!

    Ahhh, my cousin just got pregnant and I am so glad we will have new little cousin on our family.
    Though I have no idea on how she will take care, she’s “new in the business”, as I would say. Ha-ha!
    But everything may fit along with time, as it always does.

    As for Sims, take your time milady, as always, life in first place.
    We can wait for more awesomeness from you. ^_^
    Would like to thank you very much for everything you made and for all your time sharing your work!

    My best wishes along life, Mark~

  • Simstatic

    Oh man what a beautiful pic…… this beats the sims lol!!!. I love it and congratulations and I love that baby is sapping the creative juices – could well be the worlds next great artist, composer, singer etc…

    Do you know whether it is a boy or girl yet or is that why the pic has a “name” haha.

    Keep posting, love to see baby grow and most of keep well and look after yourself.

  • Oh congratulations! I swear, I just found out yesterday that my best friend is pregnant, and now you, I want one too!

    But seriously, thank you for all the stuff you’ve made for the sims, can’t imagine them without your skins. And I’m glad it’s such a nice reason that you’ve disappeared, just the other day I was getting worried about you!

    Take care. Becca xx :)

  • Thanks guys <3
    simstatic, it’s a boy. What on earth am i going to do with a boy?! Lol.

  • Phlox


    Sorry that pregnancy takes the desire to create other things out of you, but it sounds like it’s a mostly decent trade-off for you. ;) Good luck with the new family member (and the already-there family members) and I’ll look forward to your return whenever you are up to it!

  • SerenBlondie

    Congratulations on the baby :D I know what you mean though about pregnancy taking it out of you, I used to be an avid gym goer and since the kids I cant be arsed lol Fab scan pis btw so clear :D

  • AAAHH BEHBEH! Congrats. Everybody is gettin some recently. Anyone want a desperate 15 year old? Cause I can give it to you SO ha-


    Lol. Hope all is well. Hope you’ll be creating again soon. ;)

  • Shyne

    Hey LFB,

    I’m so happy for you, I wish you the best during your pregnancy :) Your baby is ALREADY adorable :D

    <3 Shyne.

  • chobits

    Yay!!! Congrats on the new baby!!!

  • Michael

    Congratulations! Maybe you will go back creating new creations after the birth of a baby when you do have some time,

  • Awww, congrats on ze baby boy! Boy’s must be easier to raise than girls though right? I’ve heard they are…perhaps they were referring to the cleaning of the nappy region. I don’t have any bubbas nor brothers to base this off though, *nods*.

  • Epi

    Congratulations! =D

  • Toni

    AWW!! Congrats!!!! <3

  • Maya

    I was wondering what happened to out LFB! But CONGRATULATIONS! Freaking wow!! That’s so exciting for you.. wish you all the best xxxxxxx

  • Maya

    *our LFB…
    sorry I’m half asleep x
    Call him Simon… don’t know why I love that name…

  • Kate

    Congrats. That’s wonderful news. Don’t worry about not doing anything for the Sims. You’ve got more important things going on right now. And your creativity will come back eventually. :)

    Love your stuff. Thanks for sharing all this great CC with us. ♥

  • :O Congrats!! I can’t believe it took me nearly a month to notice this! I wish nothing but love to you and your family :)

  • Bean

    Congrats and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

  • Cece

    This is my first trip to your site and I must say I love it!!! Congrats on the pregnancy! Be blessed and stay healthy!! :3

  • Maya

    What is it about women that as soon as they get pregnant, pregnancy is measured in weeks and not months? It means us normal people have to divide everything by four -_- :L

  • Lish

    Aww, congratulations on the new bebeh, LFB!

    I know when my friend was pregnant she couldn’t write or paint at all.

    Hope when you are feeling creative we can see beautiful things! I’d love for the non muscular “naughty” skin for males.
    Seeing my overweight male sims having any sort of ab kinda freaks me out, haha.

    Love n Hugs

  • Hey yo, pop that bun out your oven and get back here!
    We miss you!!

    Hahaha :D Although I’m only half kidding… I do want you to take whatever time is needed for you to have a healthy little terror (I mean boy, no I mean terror). I know we all miss you bunches, but there’s this life thing that gets in the way of simming, gosh it’s evil huh? Anywayz….. I wish good health upon you both and that your pregnancy isn’t too icky :P And I hope you’ll post or link us to some baby pics and tell us his name when all is said and done :)

    P.S. Boys are FULL of energy. They are nothing like girls. Now boys may be easier to raise later on, but get ready for at least a handful of ER visit and a little terror wheel of energy that doesn’t seem to stop. I believe girls are MUCH more calm. But this also all comes down to the child, really.

  • Congratulation! No matter if its boy or girl I wish you good luck. I dont have any kids but my sisters are always a handful. Personal I think its about 50 – 50 on which is an easier sex to deal with.

  • wm

    All the best regards for you :D

  • Ceridwen

    Hi! Congratulations for the baby! And good luck with your difficulties! You sure have good reasons for staying away. Thanks for sharing your work. It looks really good! Best wishes! :)

  • Thanks so much everyone xo

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