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Work in Progress - Eyeshadow Again

Here it is so far, I’ve managed to make both alpha masks blend ok.  There is a smear issue with the outer corner colour of the eyeshadow when you use dark colours thanks to the way the faces are mapped. I will use the dot method to figure out exactly where it is if I can’t figure it out with the actual face map thingamabob.

Once I get the alphas working properly with no smearage I can make different types of colour placements. Thing is if three colours don’t want to be on the area directly around the eye then I will need to play with the eyeshadow alpha. Like if the colours need to extend up from the eye rim to the upper areas near the brows then the alpha needs to be adjusted to suit.

Once these are done I will post photos of the alphas so you can see wtf I am on about :)

Wip, second draft... well technically the 5th.

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