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Pure eyes : big pack! ~ by Flajko

UPDATE 27th August 2010 : Yeah I messed up defaults a bit and a lot of people rightfully complained about it! They were very bright on light colors and were giving a zombie looking eyes which wasn’t my idea but now that’s fixed! Sorry for this happening, they were my first defaults ever made! Please download new version of them which will replace the old ones and also delete your cache files.Take a look at the before-after picture of defaults for the color in the middle:


Before everything I hope LadyFrontbum won’t kill me for posting this before her checking and I hope she’ll soon feel better,     kisses Irene! :*

Hi everybody it’s me again and because a lot of you asked for it I present to you my Pure eyes : big pack! First of all they’re not the same!!! I’ve made them a bit smaller because I love to have real-life sized eyes and the previous version of them was a bit too large and not realistic! I’ve also made them Default for both genders all ages so you can free one space in the make-up slot ;) But there’s more : I’ve also made them as Moving contacts only for female all ages with 5 different positions(for all of those who are wondering why only for females and what are Moving contacts please go here and see the mirror-effect explanation) And for the end I’ve made Centered position contacts only for male all ages (male eyes don’t produce the mirror effect so these contacts have only one centered/regular position!)

Ok now when the explanation is done here is the preview of the Default eyes :


I really hate the fact that Defaults have only one changeable color but even though Pure eyes still look nice,take a look at the color variations :


Contacts have 4 changeable layers : Red,Green,Blue and Alpha to change their color as shown in the picture :


After making all this stuff I got tired and I was very lazy to take more screenshots of these eyes so please visit this page to see screenshots of previous version of them which are the same as these, just a bit bigger!

  • Note 1: Put these packages in your Mods/Packages folder! :D Just a hint for new users!
  • Note 2: You can have only one Default eyes so please remove any old Defaults you’ve used before from your Mods/Packages folder
  • Note 3: You’ll find these contacts in the Makeup->Costume makeup category in game and both have custom thumbnail

DOWNLOAD Pure eyes-Default eyes UPDATE : mediafire/sendspace

DOWNLOAD Pure eyes-Moving contacts FEMALE ONLY : mediafire/sendspace

DOWNLOAD Pure eyes-Centered contacts MALE ONLY : mediafire/sendspace

22 comments to Pure eyes : big pack! ~ by Flajko

  • chobits

    OOH! Your gonna get it!!! These look really awesome, I’m sure LadyFrontbum won’t mind and I hope for her quick return!!:D

  • Jenipunch

    These look so pretty I can’t wait to try them out! :)

  • MoGreekie

    Wow!!!! Do the defaults move?

  • DianFelisa

    Aw, I just changed my defaults yesterday. I think I’m changing them again – I absolutely loved the first version and I love this version, too.
    Thanks Flajko :D

  • GlamBunny8189

    I love love love them! I’ve been using the other version you put out and they are so great! Can’t wait t try these out.

  • winniejun

    that is so nice and true
    thanks~but can U put them into sims3pack inform?
    many thanks

  • These are lovely! I love the model too.
    (I was going to tell you it’s ok for you to publish your entries yourself, I totally forgot though :D )

  • Flajko

    chobits, Jenipunch, GlamBunny8189: thank you for your kind words! I hope you like them in game!

    MoGreekie: Defaults can’t move like contacts,please read my post at the MTS site to see how everything works! ;)

    DianFelisa: Thank you very much! I hope it won’t be a problem that I just noticed people at the MySims3Blog say that the defaults are a bit too bright! I know they are,I couldn’t make them different and they’re my first defaults I ever made,so it’s likely to be mistakes but even though you can still make normally bright and very dark eyes! Just try them and I hope you’ll like them!

    winniejun: Well do you have Mods/Packages folder for your sims3 game?You should just put these in that folder!

    Ladyyy THANK YOUUU!!For everything! :D

  • reminiscence

    That’s exactly what I was expecting, a big thank you!!!!!

  • laura

    ah man, i just found another default set that i like as well. I’ll take the contacts for sure, and maybe the defaults and cycle through them later. . . Thanks so much, they’re amazing

  • laura

    oh, and flajko, i don’t think it’s bad that the defaults are birght, that’s what i like about the current ones i have now.

  • Wow, very pretty! First eyes I’m defaulting :)
    Thank you!

  • Flajko

    reminiscence: You’re welcome! ;)

    laura: Hehe,glad you like them! Now they’re fixed but can still make very nice bright eyes!

    Estelle: That’s nice to hear,thanks!

  • hanasaiai

    Hey, I really love these eyes, and the older pure eye contacts! They are really pretty, the best realistic eyes I have found. Not to mention, the best eyes for browns, hands down.

    Would it be at all possible for you to make a default of the larger (old) pure eye contacts? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these defaults, but I thought that the old ones were perfect for me. Sims3 is all a bit cartoon-ey, eh? I’m one of those who doesn’t really like to deal with contacts, but was doing so until I found these.

    I will still definitely use these! They are so beautiful, keep up the awesome work ;)

  • Flajko

    Thank you hanasaiai!I’m glad you’re fan of small contribution to reality in Sims 3 game! I would love to make a bunch of real life things,especially to improve sims face look so they’re at least trying to look as real life people! Well I think you’re right about making older version as defaults,and I’m about to do that soon but I hope no one asks for moving version of them cause I’ll lye dead.I mean making moving contacts isn’t as hard job as it’s boring and I hope there won’t be need for making them! :D Please don’t ask for them, pleeeasee!! :)

  • courtneyshea

    Hi, Flajko. I have had the same defaults in my game since it came out and I haven’t found any better ones until I saw these! I love them. I would definitely download the larger defaults, when/if you make any. One tiny thing though, (it doesn’t bother me too terribly, just saying for your info) on the children and toddlers, the eyes have a shadow behind them, like a faded larger eye sits behind the pupil. The teens and up are absolutely perfect, IMHO.

  • Flajko

    Hi courtneyshea,thank you for your compliments! :D I recently noticed another comment about children and toddlers and you’re all right! I guess as a first time maker of defaults I should’ve paid more attention in the tutorial! I don’t really know how another update will get accepted,I think people will kill me if I make another update! :S I’ll soon make larger version of them as defaults and I guess it’s better to update these defaults again and not leave them a step from being perfect! :P

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  • Sergio

    Hi! :D

    They are just incredible! I am using that defaults! :D

    Can I use your sclera to create an eyes please? :D

    Greetings! ♥

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