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Asian Faces - (Non-Default)

Ok I managed to get them done. Woooh.

They are NON DEFAULT skins so you will need Rez Delnava’s UI mod in order to use them.
They come in Faces only OR the full set which includes my anatomical skins.
They come in all base flesh tones and I added a bonus rainbow tone slider.




FACES ONLYmediafire / 4shared

FULL FACE & BODY SETmediafire / 4shared
These come with my child/toddler bodies and my busty st claire and male muscular bodies.

I hope you like them. If you think I can fix anything let me know and I will keep it in mind for v2. Let me know if I stuffed anything up as well :D


75 comments to Asian Faces – (Non-Default)

  • Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I cant believe Im the first to post! These are gorgeous!! I cant wait to (ab)use them all the time!! ;) Im so excited to get em in game. Keep it up hon ;) <3

  • DianFelisa

    They’re finally up :D
    Awesome work <3

  • chobits

    Super Gorgeous! Thank you!!!

  • landcow

    I love it! :D

  • B

    I wub, wub, wub you Lady. I can hardly wait to play around with the skin. Do your regular skins go along with the face skins? I am trying to decide to download full, or just the face.

    Thanks so much for making my game enjoyable.

  • Maya

    lol did you use my self sim and turn her into an asian? :P

  • stacie

    aw loved it :D just wondering where did the girl childs hair come from lol ;) love the skins but the only problem is I already have face skins would they still work oh and i already have the UI mod things :D

  • grillcheesesammich

    I love these. *Runs to let her sims step into new skin*
    Thank you!

  • WONDERFUL! They look really great. Thanks!

  • Great work as usual! I have the perfect sim to put this on.

    On a side note, I feel guilty for feeling a little giddy anytime you post a new skin because I know that there’s going to be a spike in traffic to my UI mod :-\

  • Caprisim

    These look so lovely! I’ve been waiting for a skin like this to remake a favorite sim of mine from TS2, now I can — thank you! :)

  • stacie I’m not sure… it could be from tumtum or anubis… or savio. Lol I’ll have to check.
    These are non-default. You can install as many nondefaults as you want if you have rez’s mod installed. Then you just choose which to use when you make your sims. If you don’t understand defaults and non-defaults, check my guide section I have a guide all about them.

    Lol Rez :D

    Oh B, yes they should match my naughty and nice skins too if you want to use them instead.

    Hehe maya I sure did. You look cute as an asian. ;D

    Thanks everyone. Let me know if they work out ok.

  • Maya

    Haha just downloaded them… didn’t see the picture before! x they look lovely, on way to test them now

  • Lovely, thank yoooo! here is what I’ve come up with thus far. I’m so excited to get me some asian boys thoguh. I never am able to pull off the asian look in my sims but I think with your skins I will manage.

  • Flajko

    Lol I’ve read the title “Alien faces” and didn’t thought anything was wrong until I reread the title and started falling from my chair!
    Nice faces you have there Lady,they’ll be a perfect fit for my Lucy Liu! :)

  • ShortyBoo

    I love these.

    Where can I download that Maya sim? She’s cute. I love the asian version of her too. Also, what hair is that she has? I don’t remember if I have it or not.

  • That’s great Calico!

    Lol flajko, Alien faces. Hahah. I will add those bella sliders when I get a chance. I might wait and see if he manages to get them uploaded to mts first, then I can just remove these and link there :)

  • Check in my self sim section, Shorty :)
    Oh I just realised it isn’t showing up. Lol hold on i’ll fix it.

  • stacie

    thanks ladyfrontbum i absolutly am deffontly downloading them lolz. I think it will be great and im cant seem to find the hair :S lol

  • Hi Ladyfrontbum,

    Well I made a female with the Asian eyes, actually 2, uploaded only one. My problem comes with the guys. Their lips just aren’t matching their face. By that I mean, the rest of the face looks totally AWESOME, but I’m just not feeling the lips.

    I’m uploading a pic of the guy I’m working on and maybe you can tell if it’s just my eyes or if you maybe agree.

    I haven’t tried it on other ages yet, the females are okay, I can just put lipstick on them, and still having a problem with the darker skins. More with the males. Maybe the need a little shine, or more lip lines or something….something is just lacking and I can’t put my finger on it.

    Please don’t hate me…you said leave comments…*ducks in case you throw a shoe at me*



    <img src=";

    I don’t know if the pic will show up in this, probably not…but you can still just use the link. :)

    Link for picture:

  • Ok…link didn’t work that way… so I guess if you don’t mind just using the link.

  • Sorry forgot to add…if you need more of a close up let me know and I will send it to you.

  • gemini

    I love these as I love most everything you create! I use your skins almost exclusively now aside from the sims I use Aikea’s skin to make.

    I thought you may get a laugh out of what happened when I came to download these today. My eyes got quite the workout. I did a double take of the tag, I thought it said Lesbian at first glance. It could be due to getting only two hours sleep or the colorful background. I refuse to admit it’s my age. I know my eyesight at 35 is not the 20/15 it was when I was 25 but I thought I had a few or 10 years before I had to really worry. Of course it could be all the added gore for this season of True Blood, one can’t be too sure.

  • kurt

    Hey LadyFrontbum, I love your work. Am a fan of yours.

    I thought on might ask if you are going to make more male skins?
    I really liked the one you made.

  • Hey cece, have you installed anything that changes the default ea face overlay yet? If you haven’t, try installing aikeas default replacement eyes (remove any other replacement eyes you have installed first) and see if they make a difference to the lips.
    I actually didn’t touch the lips for the asian faces, they are the same lips my male skins have, the only thing I touched was the eyes/nose area.

  • Which hair were you looking for stacie?

    Thanks kurt. Yeah I will eventually make more male skins, just haven’t had a chance lately :)

    Hey gemini :) I always read things incorrectly like that, I think my brain is broken. It’s always ‘dirty’ words too. I often read ‘faces’ as ‘faeces’ lol.
    True Blood has been soo good. I started reading the books a few days ago and am just about to start book 9 heh.

  • Riri

    I’m having a problem with my game. Some things are not showing right. So, how do i unistall the full set skin? (Im kinda going through some of my custom content and deleting to locate the problem)so far….no avail T_T
    Thanks and much love

  • ^I do that too Ladyfrontbum! I thought it was just me losing what is left of my mind! :)
    I haven’t changed or installed any face overlay.I will try the overlay you mention. I can find that on MTS right?
    I have the lip problem with the other skin also…it’s not just the Asian skin.

    Now…what words did you see incorrectly in this message? Lol!!

    I will let you know what happens when I do the eye thingy.


  • jasmine

    these are fabulous! thank you

  • Riri you just have to find and delete the package file from the package directory. Mine begin with LadyFrontbum or LFB.

  • Amelia

    These are great, but of course I don’t think I could expect any less. ^___^

    And do you think you’d ever consider making baby default skin replacements someday. Subaxi just did some, and I wondering if we could some LFB newborns:

  • MsWry

    Thank you very much for your lovely skins.
    Finally I can have my beloved asian sims back in the game ^^

  • I might Amelia. I always forget about the Baby skins til I am making the files up and I see the BU section in skininator. Lol.

  • Gary Lyn

    You are a real treasure. Thank you so very much for sharing your marvelous talent.


  • Slipslop

    Uff finding this a little late here :) Gonna test them out when i have a chance, great work Lady!

  • Thanks Slipslop, can’t wait to see the sims you make with them :D

  • [...] Genetics -Naughty & Nice Skin (Default) by LadyFrontBum -Asian Faces (Non-Default/Faces Only) by LadyFrontBum [...]

  • sally

    these are gorgeous, they really do resemble asian eyes. lady, will you be able to make non default goth pale skins, with a little bit of muscles? there’s one somewehre else, but the body is too plain.

  • Lauren

    Hi its me again i was wondering how do you change sims files grom SIM File to a Sims pack?? I want to submit to TSR… Thanks x

  • sandy61

    I absolutely love these but i’m new to downloading for sims 3, can you tell me where they go? Some sites say to put things directly into the sims 3 downloads folder and other site’s tell you to make another folder called packages and put them there! Can anyone help please?

  • Ashley

    I was wondering if you remembered where you got the hair on the teen model from, its the brown side pony tail one.

    Thanks! :)

  • Sabrina

    omg omg omg.
    I Love you, i love asians I really do.! xD
    And now they look like asians, i coulnd’t be more happier.!


  • Lenoir

    Amazing job! Thank you so much! Good skins are hard to find…

  • Sarah

    First off, I must say that I love your skins!! Thank you for all your hard work, LadyFrontbum!

    I have a quick question though, that’s off-topic. I’ve never used non-default skins before, only default. I used default and non-default skins in ts2, but in that game when two sim parents had a child, that child would have either parents’ skin, but it wasn’t mixed. In ts3, it mixes, so I was wondering; how do non-default skins mix when they have a child?
    Lol, sorry for the long question, but I would be grateful if you could answer! :) I’ve asked this question before, but it was left unanswered.. :/

    Thanks again!!

  • Tious97

    Your downloads are for TS2. Do you have for TS3?

  • Shaluny

    I installed these in my game (the Asian full set non default) and my body muscle tone sliders stop working. I don’t know what happen. please help me would really appreciate it.

  • Hi Shaluny, sorry but I don’t know anything at all about the latest ep and patches etc so I wouldn’t have a clue why your muscle tone sliders aren’t working anymore.

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