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Asian Faces - (Non-Default)

Ok I managed to get them done. Woooh.

They are NON DEFAULT skins so you will need Rez Delnava’s UI mod in order to use them.
They come in Faces only OR the full set which includes my anatomical skins.
They come in all base flesh tones and I added a bonus rainbow tone slider.




FACES ONLYmediafire / 4shared

FULL FACE & BODY SETmediafire / 4shared
These come with my child/toddler bodies and my busty st claire and male muscular bodies.

I hope you like them. If you think I can fix anything let me know and I will keep it in mind for v2. Let me know if I stuffed anything up as well :D


75 comments to Asian Faces – (Non-Default)

  • Tious – They are for ts3. O_o Did you mean to ask if I had any for ts2? If so, no, sorry :)

  • Denesha

    If I download, would every sims I create look like the picture or be asian?

  • Curious Simmer

    Hi, I really appreciate your work on these faces and consider them to be the most realistic Asian faces I’ve seen for the Sims 3 yet.

    However, I had to uninstall them because I have a skintone that I really like and I simply cannot use all tone colors of your Asian faces with my skintone because your tone ramp is modified. For instance, the skintone I use keeps the tone ramp that came with the game and when I use the yellow skintone and then pair it with your Asian faces…my Sim has two different tones and it is very noticeable.

    So I was wondering if it was possible for you to make a set of just the faces without modifying the tone ramp?

  • Nat

    @Shaluny I have the same problem. I believe this can be fixed by making the asian face skin DEFAULT instead of NON-Default. Since the muscle definition slider seems to only stop working with Non-default skins.

    So is it possible that you could make the asian face skins default? They’re my favourite face skins =D

  • Nat

    Actually nevermind my last comment. I looked into it some more. I downloaded CmarNYC’s Skininator and converted your face skin so it works with the patch I have. So far, it seems to have worked.

  • anna

    thanks.. love your creations.. everything is beautiful..

  • anna

    thanks for sharing.. love all your creations..

  • KittyEgg

    Hi, I’ve been stalking following you, for quite a while now. And of course I admire your work greatly, who doesn’t? XD You are very good with realizing and understanding realism and proportions! I am so pleased. It is really hard to find good skins and other stuff! It is finally here! A good asian skin! You know I wonder is NewSea at TSR uses your skins because her sims look like they do… I’m not sure. I was kind of wondering if you ever, I know this sounds far fetched, planned to do a muscular female skin? Because I love fitness freak sims XD, and while it is easy to find males in muscular or lean builds, it’s impossible to find fit women. It’s always a model skin or a curvy skin. Don’t get me wrong though I do love the curvy skin very much! I just hope to someday see skins that go both genders. IE. Plush man and fit woman. XD I’m not sure if that makes sense. But whatever you plan to do keep up the amazing work. Your work makes my eyes sparkle! lol cheesy

  • Taiju

    Hey. I tried making my own skintones, following a tutorial i found on MTS…the thing is, I can’t get them to show up in the game, the tone ramp i made works, but the actual mods to the facial features don’t. I think it has something to do with the way I’m editing the skins on photoshop. Are there any particular rules you’re supposed to follow when editing the extracted skins in photoshop? If possible could you send me one of the .dds files from one of your skintone mods, one where you edited the face.

  • bree

    Hey i use a lot of yur stuff. They are amazing in game!
    Whered yu get the teen hair?
    i had it for the sims 2 and ive been searching and trolling for it.

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  • Susie

    Hi i realise this must be the most dumb question ever but i know you can download various faces and stuff but how do you use them, eg; premade sim bin? In the looks section ?? can someone reply asap please as i cant find any info anywhere which makes me think that im asking a question thats really DUMB!! lol. Susie <3 xox

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  • [...] por defecto aquí, Skin no reemplaza, aquí, maquillaje todo de Tifa, aquí, demás accesorios, peinados, ropa etc..son todos productos [...]

  • Frances

    Hi, I was wondering if you had another link for the mod required for this to work? I can’t access it.

  • Ray-Ray

    Hey i love this Asian skin tone this my favorite skin and I use it for basically all my sims but I need a little help. Recently I just reinstalled the Sims 3 on a different computer and i lost my mod from the previous and I tried to use the “Rez Delnava’s UI mod” link you linked on this page but the link is not there anymore so I wanted ask you of another mod you’d recommend me to download so the skin tones will work right again? thank you and appreciate your hard work

  • Junmato

    Great job, thank you for this. ^^

  • zara

    i cant press the download button… idk why but i REALLY want this skin it looks amazing. i was always wondering why my asian sims never really looked asian.

  • Aerie

    I LVOE your skins. However, the mod I need to download in order to use your skintones is no longer available. ): Is there any way I can find this mod so I can still use your skins? Thanks in advance!

  • LoveMonkey69

    I love your non-default Asian Faces, but I can’t get them to work in my game. I can’t find Rez Delnava’s UI Mod anywhere, and I read that it doesn’t work with Late Night anyway. Since I have all of the games and stuff packs, that would be a problem. Is there any other way to get the faces to work in the game?

    BTW, I love all of your great work!

  • Lila Wopila

    Tank you very much for your beautiful skins!

    Why did you make the ASIAN FULL ND SKIN only nice but not naughty, that means without pubic hair? – Asian people have pubic hair too!

  • Sammiicake_Heathbar

    Absolutely beautiful work!

  • Soniabkan

    Hi, I’m looking for something like this for more than two years, but for The Sims 2.I don’t have TS3 and don’t have intention to have any day, so will it be possible to be converted to use on TS2?Please, help me, I do thank you in advance.
    I will come here in two or three days to see if anybody knows how to help me.Thanks.

  • coolkips

    Rez Delnava’s UI mod has been removed on MTS. Any suggestion about that? Or you have the backup?

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