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Sorry I've not been around much...

… my mum was visiting and I’ve been soooooooooooo fkn tired.

And sorry to those of you who asked me to make self sims. I was actually working on them but then I installed Ambitions and since then my game has decided not to load. I haven’t had a chance to work out what the problem is and, right now, I kinda can’t be bothered lol.

I hope you are all well.

I upgraded wordpress and the theme I used so the site looks a little different. If you wanna comment on posts now I believe you have to actually open the post and scroll to the bottom.


9 comments to Sorry I’ve not been around much…

  • Flajko

    Aloha, glad you’re ok!
    I guess you’ve made me spoiled because I’ve used to seeing new posts every day and when they stopped I was blue!
    I’m sorry also for not backing you up with my sims, I’ve been renovating my home and it still isn’t finished :|
    I have some time now and I promise your blog will soon have some newcomers!

    Cheers! ;)

  • DianFelisa

    Whee, an update!
    I hope you enjoyed your mom’s visit (:

    The theme looks nice.
    I like its pinkness, haha.

    Take your time to fix that problem and relax.

  • chobits

    Its summer, time for family and friends! No need to worry about us, although it is nice to hear from you! Can’t wait for your next creations!!!

  • Lol thanks Dian & chobits. :D

    Hehe thanks Flajko! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. Renovating sounds fun! :)

  • No worries duddette’ the only reason I’ve been stalking sims sites is I’m in the middle of a medical crisis and cannot leave the house cept’ for doctors visits. (lucky me). Always good to hear you are doin’ ok tho :)

  • Sounds like shite, Calico! Hope you are ok. xo

  • Simstatic

    Hey Lady, good to hear from you again. We miss you so much when you are so quiet, but don’t worry about us – enjoy your mum while you can. My mum died in 2007 and I really miss her and wish that I had spent more time with her when she was alive.

    I Like the renovation although I must say when I saw it I was first shocked to see that there were no more comments until my brain woke up and I figured it out (I love the comments as they always have me laughing (you should have been a comedian by the way lol). This is not just a site where you can get great creations, it is almost like a second family and you can be proud of the fact that your site has a really relaxed and welcoming “atmosphere” if I can put it like that (don’t know how else to express myself lol).

    Anyway have a great weekend and looking forward to whatever you come up with next.

  • Maya

    Loving the new site look :)

    Dammit it is a shame that ambitions is doing that to so many computers…did that to mine until I literally screamed abuse at my computer and it got its butt into gear. So, try that.

  • Yeah inorite. I wish I could update my game just once and have it work swimmingly.

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