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Holy Moly

I checked my mail today and there were 12 gifted item emails. O_o

Thank you so much, errorer!

<3 <3 <3

14 comments to Holy Moly.


  • errorer

    Yup, no problem, I don’t buy much from the store anymore, too many decisions :P

  • errorer

    On another note, I found one girl up on the header/home link, she had hoop earings, orangeish eyes, and a beuty mark, she reminded me of Madison from Heavy Rain.

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, I’ve a little request. Is it posible for you to upload your silk, velvet and/or cleavege skins, D and N_D without colors in the slider, I mean violet, green etc. With my Twallan’s SP settings, my inmigrated sims almost appears with some of colour mentioned before. And have to edit them in CAS always because I don´t like colored sims. Starting up with an empty neighborhood, because maybe some issue with patches or mods I had to do it twice last week, and populate him with 150 sims through Twallan’s, it’s a heavy task for my CPU. TY, Lady, you’re nice. Cheers

  • Kay Kay

    You are BY FAR one of my favorite modders. I made a small donation (it’s all I can afford right now) but will continue to do so whenever I can just because I want to continue enjoying your work. You’re sooooo funny too! I love your page. I was also hoping you would make some better formal wear for our male sims. Not too many people I’d trust with that request (haha!) I just think your male sims are sexy as hell and now one’s made any really good formal wear for the guys so I thought I’d ask. Sexy sleek James Bond types would be great. As well as sexy suits for those wonderful bad boys who clean up well. You know. I have faith in you!

  • tonicmole

    A little off topic, but what is the deal with Pudding? I know it refers to a Sim, but I don’t get where pudding comes into the equation… it have something to do with furries!? Oh god I hope not. All I know is that the term pudding when referring to the sims gives me the heeby-jeebies just like furries.

  • Aw thank you so much Kay Kay xox I will keep your suggestion in mind next time I get the urge to make some clothing textures. :)

    tonicmole, pudding just means that the features don’t stand out at all, the face looks like a bowl of pudding hehe. Basically if you click the button to make a random sim – those tend to be pudding. Ea skins make sims look pudding too because of a lack of detailing in the features :)

  • tonicmole

    Ah-ha! Thank you. I think the confusion began with Insiminator….maybe Insimadult….either way they refer to all Sims as pudding. I personally have an unnatural fear of pudding. I just can’t shake the feeling it has something to do with chains and rubber sheets.

  • SerenBlondie

    Sorry I know your suggestion list is huge but I was wondering if you would make the True Blood cast. Mainly Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard. There are a few about but they’re a bit naff.

  • I too would love it if you were able to make the non defaults not have the random colors in the middle. I do occasionally like to use the blue for fantasy but the shade of green you used isn’t really the shade I like for my aliens. So sadly I’m still using the normal green slider for those. Still love the skins either way :)

  • Tommerton & CalicoSkies: there are tools and tutorials that allow you to do this for yourselves. It is a really simple process and is great starter experience in the greater Sims modding community, just be sure to get to get permission if you want to share. Basically all you need to do is open the ND skin file in a package editor and extract the skins, then using Cmar’s Skinninator (available on MTS) import all the files and select one of the default color ramps, save and you’re done. Not difficult at all, it just might take a little while because of the number of files involved.

    More advanced techniques might involve using missy harries’ or Fawkes’ color ramps instead of the game defaults.

    This tutorial should help: If you wish to try this and need help, post in the tutorial thread, or make a new post in the CAS sub forum of modding discussion on MTS, and I will be happy to help.

  • Tommerton

    Thank you, Rez !!!

  • The colours in the middle are just a bonus I thought I would add on instead of making only the fleshtones – saved me making the fantasy ones later. I actually don’t like the ea fantasy colours, I find them a little garish. :)

    Thanks for your post Rez :D

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