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Maya Selky

Hey guys, this was a requested teen self-sim.

Hope you like her, Maya!

Sorry about some of the custom content I am unsure of.  Half my thumbs don’t work anymore so it’s real hard to tell who the heck certain things belong to.

You will need some sliders in order for Maya to look the same as she appears in the photos.

AwesomeMod (I have my Cas Sliders set to 3x)
NOTE: AwesomeMod is needed mainly to increase the max amount of sliders allowed in the game. If you don’t plan on touching the sim’s sliders in cas then you can use another Max Slider Increase hack instead of awesomemod. Sz3 has a couple and I believe Jonha has one at MTS as well. You can find a link to the right with info on them.

Rez Delnava’s UI Mod(this will make the non-default skins work)

Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders (Just get them all, srsly)

Jonha’s Sliders (Just get them all, srsly) Jonha’s Head Slider

Delphy’s Boob Sliders

Now that that is out of the way, here she is:




Silk Full Skin by me
Eyebrows by Subaxi… mebbe?
Mocha Eyeshadow by me
Oh My Eyes by escand
Cheeky v2 by me
Lipstick by Arisuka

Everyday Hair, Athletic Hair by Savio
Schoolgirl Outfit by Lemonleaf
Socks by Whiterider

Formal Hair by Cazy (or it’s by ChadGraphix)
Formal Dress by Poppy Sims

Athletic Top by Liana



mediafire / 4shared


28 comments to Maya Selky

  • grillcheesesammich

    “Half my thumbs don’t work anymore so it’s real hard ”
    I was like OHH NOOOO, she hurt her hand, how awful! Then I read it again. And a third time.
    Guess who needs more coffee?

    I love her. You’re my sim-metry hero.

  • Hahhahahaha that’s gold, grillcheese :D

  • Maya

    I love her too! :P

  • DianFelisa

    At first I didn’t know you were refering to the thumbnails either.

    She looks awesome. Now I’m jealous and want a self-sim too. Meh.
    Thank you for uploading her :D

  • Lol DianFelisa. You can always email me some pics. Worst case scenario I don’t get around to it for a year lol

  • Gary Lyn

    Thank you ever so much for once again sharing your fantastic talent and skills. You surely are a SIM Goddess.

  • DianFelisa

    I doubt my pictures work for self-simming.
    They’re taken from weird angles so I look less ugly, lol.

    Thanks LFB, not only your stuff is amazing but you’re also very nice :D

  • Oi, I must bow down to you, oh Great One! Your epic CC maketh mai Sims lovely!

  • Kris

    Can you make me a self-sim? :D

  • Email me a few decent photos of your face Kris and I will see. :)
    ladyfrontbum at gmail.

    Make sure one is a good neutral shot of your face, facing straight ahead. (no smiling or anything)
    A profile shot too.

  • Kris

    Okay, I’ll take some in the morning :)

  • She is very realistic, well done! :)

  • I love all your downloads!!

    I’m just downloading this sim and some of your skintones, simply amazing!

    Awww, and I’m looking for a proper Robert Downey Jr. sim or his character in Iron Man, Tony Stark…could you try to make him? I would be giving you thanks eternally :D :D
    Thank you

    I will keep visiting this page

  • Hey Anais :) Have you checked ModTheSims? I believe there is a decent Robert Downey Jr on there :)

  • Sure I have, but maybe I should try to check it again :)

  • Oi, Lady Frontbum, I just saw your comment on those Louis Vuitton patterns at My Sims 3 Blog. Yesh, I agree, those Pandora bracelets are terribly expensive . . . I looked at the catalog once and there was a charm for $380!!! (And it wasn’t even gold. At least Sims don’t have to pay money for their clothes/accessories . . . at least, not in the Sims 3 . . )

  • Lol thank god for that :D

    The pandora bracelets are just kinda ugly, oversized and overpriced.

  • NASH

    I love her, she’s very beautiful. I downloaded her and all of her CC but when I look in my Custom Sims section in CAS she’s not there :(

    Anyhow, I still think all of your stuff is AMAZING and now I’m wishing I had a self-sim ;)

  • NASH

    I lied, I was looking in Adults, not teens ;)

  • Hahah NASH, glad you found her.

  • Gary Lyn

    Awe Shucks, She charcoaled on me. I have the LadyFrontbum skins so I don’t know what the problem is, probably that I don’t have the Awsome stuff. I answered Nineveh and 24MPH so they thought I was a spammer and I had no way of telling them I’m an old cripple and computer illiterate, none the less, I have it not.

    Maybe I can get something else to work. Thank you none the less for sharing your talent.

    I’ll put on a Merle Haggard tune, pop open a Bud, light a Camel and cry for while…. without the Bud, Camel or tears. I told you, I’m old.

  • Christiana

    I absolutely love all of your work…What you create is amazing. Kudos!! I was wondering if I could request a self-sim done by you as well?

  • Lilly

    I’d love to have her, but I have had so many problems with mods and sliders it is not even funny. I has to reinstall the game twice. Oo

    So, unfortunately I will have to pass :(

  • Kary

    As Christiana said your work is amazing. You make some of the most accurate realistic sims i’ve ever seen. I would really love a self sim made by you, and would be more than happy to fund you for your time is possible? :)

  • Sorry Kary, i’d love to but right now I don’t even think I have sims 3 installed. I haven’t had time to play for ages since having my bub. Maybe one day I will have the time to get back into it but, man, it’s gonna be a big learning curve to catch up hahaha

  • Sissy SaiSai

    I really hope that you are back now bc i find all of your stuff absolutely fantastic and am always looking for your stuff!!!! Beautiful Sims and Skins!!! They are always my first choice and i never have any problems with your stuff!!! and yes i as every other person would love to have a self sim made but i understand if you dont have the time :) )

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