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Default & Non-Default Explained

Ok so I get quite a lot of questions regarding Default and Non-Default skins. I figured it would be best to address them in a post, rather than answer the same questions every week ;)

Most of the people who enquire about my skins want to know the difference between Default and Non-default so I shall attempt to answer below. *takes a breath*


Ok so in order to understand default custom skins I need to explain why they are called ‘defaults’ in the first place.

This is the definition of the word default:

Computers –  A value that a program or operating system assumes, or a course of action that a program or operating system will take,
when the user specifies no overriding value or action.

Okay, so when we are using the term ‘Default Skin’ in regards to the sims, what we mean is it’s the skin that your game will apply to all sims – unless told to apply another (by “another” I mean a non-default skin but we will cover those later).  So, when you open up your brand-spanking new sims game your sims start out with the boring, ugly EA skins. Any sim you create will automatically have that skin applied to their body. This is your current default skin. Now, thanks to the brilliant minds out there, we are able to create custom skins that will overwrite those EA skins. These are referred to as “Default Skins” but what we really mean is “Default REPLACEMENT Skins”. Once you overwrite your ea skin files the ea skin disappears and is replaced by your new custom ones – the custom ones become your new ‘Default’ Skin.

Any sim that was made using your old default – in this case the EA skins – will automatically be using the new custom Defaults you installed. It’s like you just removed the EA skins from the game and replaced them with fancy ones.

Now you’ve probably heard me, and others, say a million times “You can only have one set of default skins”. This is because there is only one set of EA skin files in the game. You can only overwrite it once. If you install more than one your game won’t like it because you will have conflicting files. Basically you’ll have multiple files wanting to overwrite the same files in the game. Which one takes precedence? The game doesn’t know so it has a sad.

One thing to note is that when we say you can only have one set of default skins, we mean just that… one full set.
Basically this means you can download various default skin packages from various creators as long as none of them overlap or conflict with one another.
Just remember that in game there are skins for:

Male & Female Toddlers
Male & Female Children
FemalesTeen to Elder
MalesTeen to Elder

So, you can install my toddler skins and aikea’s male skins and there will be no problem. You can even install someone’s male elder skins and someone else’s male teen – adult skins and there will be no problem or someone’s heads and another person’s bodies for different ages/genders. It’s only if you overlap any of the skin files that there will be an issue.

Hopefully you understand Defaults now.



Obviously Non-Default means ‘not default’. Which, of course, means that non-default skins are not standard. They will not overwrite anything in the game. They are ‘extras’ and you can have as many installed as you like.

We have Rez Delnava to thank for the ability to use non-default skins in our games. He created the UI Mod, which allows us to see them in cas. We can also thank CmarNYC for the ability to create non-default skins very easily using his Skininator program. :)

So… basically non-default skins are skin files that are their own entity. They are entirely separate from your default skin… an optional extra. They will only show up in cas if you have Rez’s UI mod installed. You can have one default set installed AND a gazillion non-defaults.

As an example, this is my current setup:

Naughty and Nice – All Genders/Ages

Silk Full Package
Velvet Full Package
Aikea’s Faces
Subaxi’s Males
Peggy’s Females/Males YA-Adult


Hopefully you understand Non-Defaults now.


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